Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Mr. Frahm

Every now and than I feel like Jake needs a little bit more love and attention than I give him. He does A LOT for me every second of the day. No matter what, he is always doing what I ask and when I ask. He is my rock in a hard place. So I just wanted to write him a little love note (what have you) and you are welcome to read it, but its just gay mushy crap.

Dear Jakey,

Uhm hi. I love you. Mmmm k? I have wanted to write this little note to you for about two weeks now, but life happens and I kept forgetting and than other things came up. But I think it's SO important you know how much I appreciate you and love you. Especially now in our lives when its just you and me taking on the world together. What inspired this? Well, a couple weekends ago when we were sitting on the couch talking, we were talking about some peoples lives and how they have no one and I just remember thinking I am so glad I have my eternal companion. The idea of spending eternity with you gets me so giddy inside. Don't get me wrong some days you can be a pain in me arsh. But I love you for it none the less. Jacob we have already been through so much together and some days I feel as if I am overwhelmed and can't handle it. All you have to do is take me in your arms and I forget for a little while that life just sucks sometimes. Mr. Frahm, people still tell me to this day, "I never pictured you with someone like Jake." But the more I think about it, the more sense it makes to me. You literally are my missing puzzle piece, the pepper to my salt. Your my better half. It doesn't need to make sense to anyone cause it makes the most sense than anything else in my life. I want you to know, that it meant the entire world to me when you started to get super serious and a little choked up and said I will be an incredible mom. It filled me with so much joy and happiness. It's my one huge dream to be that and hearing it from the man I need to hear it from the most shot me to the moon. I love that you surprise me with little gifts. Or sometimes larger gifts. It sounds so vain but they really show me more that you love. (Especially coming from the guy who hates to spend money). Jake you treat me like a queen and I forget sometimes how EXTREMELY lucky I am to have found you. I am sorry. Sorry that sometimes I can be a royal beotch. Sorry that I sometimes don't put you up at my top priority and become selfish. Just know I am trying EVERY single day. I want to be the ultimate wife, and its hard. Cause somedays I don't feel up to it, and other days I don't want to give you what you need. But I know we will get the hang of this marriage thing. One day. I guess in a long and round about way, I am just saying, I LOVE YOU! Like mad. I love you so much! I honestly would be "homesick" without you ;). Love you Mr. Frahm, thanks for making me your gal!

Mrs. Frahm

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  1. I appreciate him too. :) He is a nephew, who feels like a friend, and I think you did a great job choosing a spouse! Although he didn't do so bad himself!