Thursday, August 15, 2013

Ashton's Baseball Nursery

Before we ever knew about Ashton I always told Jake I wanted to do a baseball Nursery for our first son, because A) I love baseball B) it would be the cutest room ever and C) there is so much baseball decorations out in the world for rooms!

So the week we found out we were getting Ashton we went and picked out a crib and I decided right then, he was getting a baseball room. I was so excited. The colors of the room were Red, White, and Blue. Which sounds super Americana but if you think about it, baseball is Americana. And the room doesn't look at thing like patriotism. So anyways, on to pictures.

Of course I knew for sure I wanted to paint a huge baseball wall. I had found all my inspiration via Pinterest. Where else?
I loved the way it turned out, it was slightly tricky to figure out but once I did it was fairly easy. I am no professional, but I loved it none the less.

I was lucky enough that my sisters son she had 9 years prior had bedding that was navy, red, and denim. So she let me use it, and it turned out perfect. But at my baby shower, my mom had bought me a quilt that fit perfectly with the theme. So I added the pillows my sister gave me, and BAM!

Dresser and Rocker:
My brother in law, had brought furniture over when we first moved in of his, to store, since we had the room and he had moved out of his place. Well when were getting Ashton I told them they needed to take the bed but asked them if they still wanted the dresser, and to my luck, they didn't need it. So I updated it and gave it a little face lift and it fit right in with his crib!

Then the whole time I was registering with my sisters for stuff I kept saying "I want to get a rocker cause Ashton loves to snuggle and be rocked." But kept pushing it aside, well at my shower my mom surprised me with a beautiful one! I was ecstatic! 

Lets start with the two things I contributed. First the baseball bat. This was one of the things besides the wall that I was most excited about for his nursery. I found the idea on Pinterest, but did my own little twist with it. I LOVE IT!!
Adorable right?

Then I knew I wanted to do some baseball quote that screamed BASEBALL! Like by Babe Ruth or something along those lines. I was looking on Etsy and found a few that I like when I came across "There's No Crying in Baseball" from the movie A league of their own! Uhm, heck yes! Jake and I would always say it together and sometimes when Ashton cries or get whiny we say it to him! So I knew we had to put it in his room!

Now for what Grammie Les contributed to his room. She has given us a TON! Let's start with the baseball sign, so cute and fit perfect on our baseball wall!
Then the baseball lamp that sits on the dresser.
Then the baseball frame, also on the dresser
then the hamper
and more recently she gave us bookends that are to die for! Also fit the theme!

Cute little Jake gave me that picture of a baseball ^^ for my first mothers day to add to his room!

Then over time I added the piggy bank and perfect "Boston Red Sox" Rug.

So ya his room is pretty dang cute! This is the big picture if you were looking at it from a whole.

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