Thursday, September 26, 2013


Its funny how life happens. Today I was feeling like a pretty crappy mom. I had zero patience. Like below zero, and I felt so incompetent. I couldn't fathom how I was even considered a good mom or how I would even want more children if I could barely have the one I have.

Then my sister Kylie posted a picture on Instagram of her REAL life. She took pictures of her house, herself, and explained what her life looked like for real! She challenged her friends to do the same and hash tagged #lionsdontcarewhatlambsthink

I took the challenge. I am so glad I did. This was my picture and what I wrote:
This is me today. My house is a complete mess even after cleaning it 
Monday and Tuesday. I feel like a crap of a mom cause Ash is teething
and I am less then patient. So while he sleeps I will sit on my rump
 and watch tv all day. Maybe I will clean later. But probably not. I
feel less then adequate with everything in my life but that's okay cause I'm
being honest and real. Let's start a trend... A keeping it real trend. Post
a pic to IG of you "keeping it real" advocating not being fake and 
perfect all the time! #lionsdontcarewhatlambsthink

The feedback I got from it was awesome! Everyone commented saying this is exactly what their life is like. That they aren't perfect moms. There house is a mess. They also told me I was a good mom. I loved it! I even had a few friends follow the trend. Do you know how nice it was? to have people show their real selves? If everyone posted what REAL life is, I feel like we would feel a lot less inadequate and feel like "Hey, I'm not the only one out there!" 

SO... #keepitreal and #lionsdontcarewhatlambsthink

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