Friday, September 13, 2013

Swiss Days, Malawi's, and a Splash Pad

Ashton and I were lucky enough to go to Swiss days with my "adopted family" so to speak. (the family I adopted Ashton from, whom I still keep in very close contact with minus the birth parents) I was so excited to spend time with them but also to go to Swiss days for the first time. Can you believe I, Jenessa Rochele Frahm have NEVER been to Swiss days. It was a magical little place. The only downside it was a bajillion and ten degrees. Literally everyone was dying. Dead people everywhere. Okay not really but it was so hot!

We got up to a parking lot that was shuttling people for free. So we thought okay stellar. We ended up waiting there for ONE HOUR! Not a good idea. Finally we got up there, already hot and sweating. We went straight to the booths and I was so excited to see all they had going on.

I knew I wanted to find something really cute or having to do with the upcoming holidays. I found both! Last year when shopping for Christmas Decor, I was in the Busy Biddy and saw these beautiful paintings for Christmas. But they were so much money I couldn't bring myself to spend it. Well it just so happened the same artist was there with the same paintings but cheaper! I was ecstatic! 

After awhile some of the family left cause they could not deal with the heat. But Ashton, Crystal, Leslee, Mark, and I stayed for about an hour longer. We ended up going to Malawi's for lunch.

When we got there we were all sitting there waiting for food when all the sudden poor Leslee passed out for a split second. She had gotten so hot and was dehydrated. It was so sad. Luckily right after we got a lot of water and food in here she was much better. Just gave us a good scare!

We went to Provo Beach Resort for an hour and played on a few things with the kids. Then we decided to take them to the splash pad to cool off. Last time I brought Ash a week or two before and he avoided it like the plague. I don't know what came over him this time but he thought it was the greatest thing ever!

After we left, Ashton fell asleep instantly and was out for a good hour! We both had such a fun day, and were so glad we went. I told Jake we are for sure going next year and staying much longer! Can't wait!

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  1. That boys smile warms my heart. LOVE him!
    Scary about Leslee. That heats sounds miserable. You're a lot braver than I, to take on that heat.
    I have one of those pictures you bought and I love it!