Thursday, October 24, 2013

Evan's Family Farm

Since we live in Lehi, we have lots of trucks, cowboys, and farms. So in our ward one of the families that owns a farm has it running all year with different activities. We had seen it when we drove by and we had heard how fun it was but never have gone till this year. Which I am super bummed that we waited this long! It was so fun and so cute!

Its a lot like cornbelly's but cheaper and less crazy! We got there and went and pet the animals then we went and played with the hay and the playground they had. Ashton was not super thrilled in every pic! 

After Jake and Ashton went on the "train ride" and we went through the corn maze. After going through the entire corn maze we realized we lost Ashton's shoe. Most people would have given up but I was determined to find it so we went through the entire maze again. Couldn't find it. (surprise surprise) Ended up going to the entrance and they had it! Hah! 

After that we did a few more activities then we went to the pumpkin patch and got to pick our own pumpkins! We each picked one, and then Jake let me buy two extra for decorating! It was Ashton's first pumpkin and we can't wait to decorate it!

It was way fun and we decided if we ever move we definitely want to try and come back to this farm! It was so cute, so cheap and so fun!

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  1. Jenessa your hair is so cute! I love it that length! We will have to go try out that farm, the other ones are too expensive to take a 1 year old to! :)