Wednesday, November 6, 2013

This is Halloween!

I knew holidays with kids were going to be fun! But I have come to realize they are AMAZING! I have loved it so far, and its so fun to dress them up and to do the things I enjoyed as a little kid years later with Ashton is awesome!

Anywho. This year we did your normal Halloween Traditions. First Carved Pumpkins. Uhm.. Ash hated it. But we did put his hand AND foot in paint and he was not having it. Plus he was tired. But I still thought it was cute. Jake and I had a pumpkin carving theme.. I guess you could say? I did Jack Skellington. Jake did Oogie Boogie Man. Jake also cried like a baby about carving pumpkins. jk...kinda

I also made pumpkin seeds which ended up being amaze balls! This year Ashton was the cutest little monkey you ever did see. I know I am biased but really this face? How could you not agree?

So the day of Halloween was a little crazy. The entire morning and some of the afternoon we I baked. Ashton was my helper. After some much needed R&R for Ashton we headed to my in laws and got to see the cousins which is also a tradition. 

After we went to my parents for the Annual Halloween Party. We had all the grand kids and tried to take a million pics. Then after we ate and ate and ate. Not healthy or good for you body things. But eh? Its Halloween. After we took Ash trick or treating for the FIRST time! It was so stinking cute! 

We only went for like an hour. Cause he was done, but it was great enough! He was darling. We got back to my parents and Papa Mark and Grammie Les were there! It was perfect. Ash got all sugared up and was up WAY past his bed time! But it was a perfect day! Love Holidays

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  1. Cutest little monkey I ever did see! LOVE the pic of him crying on the table. So funny!!