Thursday, December 5, 2013

Gobble Till You Wobble

This year we were celebrating Thanksgiving with Jake's family! When Jake I put it together two years ago we decided to do it again. But the more we planned the more family was coming! So although we still hosted it we decided to do it at our cousins house. There place is much more roomier. I was in charge of the Turkey, Salad, and a Pie.

It was also our first Thanksgiving with Ashton so of course I dressed him up in the shirt I made! You can see how I made it here! But I loved how it looked on him and naturally we had to do our front porch Photo Shoot that we do for every holiday!

Isn't he a doll? Pretty much the cutest ever! I adore him!

Then we packed up the car with literally almost everything in our house and we were off! We got there and set up the tables with cute decor and the cute turkey's I made as name tags. They didn't turn out as I imagined but still cute!

While we waited for family the boys played football before dinner and after. I always tease Jake that he is old since he is turning 30 in April. But it was kinda funny, him, his dad, his uncle, and my SIL boyfriend all had to "tap out" of the game for some body injury or they were out of breath! Oh good times!

The food!! Oh the food was incredible! Seriously, I don't know if I had ever had such a good assortment and delicious food! That's what Thanksgiving is all about (well of course and being thankful) but seriously it was all delish! 

After we ate and were filled to the brim we played some games and more football and simply enjoyed the day!

We ended the night by going to my in laws and playing more games. After that we headed home! But the night was still young! For I had BLACK FRIDAY SHOPPING to do!
We started at nine and didn't stop till four. Here are some of the highlights

After I hit my head on the pillow my body didn't let me sleep past nine. So I got up and ate with my boys then convinced Jake to head out again to do more shopping! He was less then thrilled but did and I am so glad cause we got killer deals!

Overall Thanksgiving was AMAZING! Cannot wait till Xmas!

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