Saturday, December 21, 2013

Snow Day, Meeting Santa, and Other Christmas Shenanigans!

The first Snow Fall of the year I was ecstatic! A) Because I absolutely adore snow and B) It was going to be Ashton's first time playing in it! So we were way excited! I wanted to wait for Jake but he said to just take him out and we would go later that week. Uhm, as you can see below Ashton HATED it! We probably stayed out there no longer then 10 or 15 min. He cried the entire time! It was great! Definitely does not take after his momma.

We tried again that week when Jake got home. About the same feelings he had the first time! Score!

My grandpa throws a Xmas party every year and Santa comes to give gifts to the grandkids. This year was going to be Ashton's first time meeting Santa. I already knew he was going to hate him (my kid sounds like he hates everything on this post-he doesn't just all things christmas ;)). Lately he has hated any man with a full grown beard. And he is a complete stranger and he has no tolerance right now for that, so a recipe for disaster. All the grandkids were sitting in a half circle on the floor and Ashton heard the door open and saw Santa and INSTANTLY grabbed onto his cousin Irelyn. At this point I am laughing cause you can see the legit fear in his eyes.

So naturally I have to be an abusive parent and put him on his lap, and then the REAL fear set in. I'm talking blood curtailing scream and all! Regardless that they gave him a candy cane, he hated it!

Basically my highlight of the party! And here is a pic of my cute little family!

Another tradition we have is buying one new ornament every year. Here are ours this year:

And because it took me A LOT OF TIME AND WORK! Here are mine and Ashton's Stockings I finished this season!

This years neighbor gifts I wanted to do last year but found something diff. I finally got to do it this year, and I am so glad I did. It was easy and yet so cute! I gave a thing of paper plates, napkins, and paper cups. All Christmas themed. Then I attached this note:
"Our Christmas wish for you, 
less dishes to do!"
Turned out way too cute, and WAY easy!

And last but not least, here are this years Xmas Card! I love you all and am grateful for all those who continue to read my blog! I feel the love! Merry Christmas!

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