Sunday, December 1, 2013

DIY Gobble T-Shirt and Glitter Canvas

This past week I had the bug. The "get your craft on" bug. It comes around at least once a month and even more around the holidays! I knew for every holiday I wanted Ashton to wear something festive cause I am such a dorky cool mom! I found two ways on Pinterest to mix on how to make the shirt and this is what I came up with. So I am sharing!

-Gobble T-Shirt-

What you'll need:

Wonder-Under (or any thing that will seal fabric/felt to cloth)
Hot Glue Gun

First you cut out different patterns or colors of fabrics into strips. For the length I cut 3 3 inch long strips. And 3 2 inch long strips. I used 6. You could use more or less. Then using felt, cut eyes, pupils, beak, and gobbler. I layed it all out onto the shirt until I liked how it looked.

After I hot glued the pupils to the eyes and the gobbler to the beak. Makes it easier to put on the wonder-under. After I cut a square of the wonder under as it came and traced each piece. Like so..

After you flip it over, and take your iron put it on medium heat and seal the glue to the felt/fabric. I left the white side on so the seal wouldn't come onto my iron. 

You then pull the white paperback and you will see an opaque kind of adhesive. It wont be sticky till to apply heat to the felt/fabric onto the shirt.

Now you apply it to the shirt with the glue side down. Apply the heat for about 10 seconds (longer with the felt, and make sure to apply extra pressure too)

After you do this to the all the pieces of felt/fabric put your hand inside the shirt and move it around to see if any of the pieces peel, if so just apply more heat and pressure. And Viola!
A new darling tee for Thanksgiving!

-Glitter Canvas'-
What you'll need:

Canvas ( I used 3 11x14)
Glitter (any color)

Now there is a couple ways to do this. Depending on your pattern/picture/words I did all three and free handed all three. BUT.. easier version print them of, trace the pattern with a pencil onto canvas (pressing the pencil hard) and then flip the picture over and trace again. It will lightly appear on the canvas.

After you have traced or drawn the project take elmers glue or any glue for that mater and outline your pencil and then go in and fill in the entire thing. This is what takes the longest but make sure to make it full. Its harder to go back and fill it in then it is to have to much. 

Now place your canvas with glue in a box. This is so you don't have glitter on every inch of your house (not that its a bad thing!) After take your glitter and shake it all over the glue. Once again use more then less. Now this is the tricky part, letting it sit until the glue dries! I did my other two canvas' at this point.

Once its dry, take the canvas board and shake it over your box making sure all the excess glitter comes off and goes into the box. Now your still going to have noticeable bits on the edges of your outlines. This is where the Q-tip comes in handy. Take the Q-tip and wipe around the edges. It will get most of it off.

Now this is the fun part (at least to me! I may just love hairspray) Spray the hair spray on the entire part of the canvas that has glitter on it. You can tilt it in the light and see if it has a sheen or not. 

Then once the hairspray is dry (shouldn't take long) you can touch your glitter and nothing will come off! Enjoy your masterpiece!


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