Sunday, February 16, 2014

L-is for Love

We actually had a really fabulous Valentines day. We decided to stay at home this year and just do a heart shaped pizza. But I didn't want to be that simple. I wanted to do a little more and make it more "Valentiney" so I made everything either Red/Pink or heart shaped. 

We had heart shaped pizza, virgin strawberry daiquiris, salad with heart shaped fixings, red jello in the shape of a heart, and heart shaped sugar cookies (of course!). Everything actually tasted so good and it was so enjoyable. Jake and I kept saying how fun this was. We watched a romantic comedy on Netflix, called "Playing for Keeps" okay, so it had Gerard Butler in it so I thought no matter what it would be good, I was wrong. Oh well! Then Jake and I played card games together, which is one of my favorite things to do with him even though he can be a sore loser! The night was so low key but so fun and I was with my two favorite Valentines.  

Every holiday with have with Ashton reminds me how much fun holidays with kids are. It won't be until the summer we have experienced all the holidays together with him. This year we were all very spoiled by cupid.
Ashton got a Sock Monkey, a new book, new PJ's, and a box of chocolates

Jake got 12 months of dates! Each month we go on a different date. He was so excited about it! I was so glad with how it turned out! Plus it was free-his favorite

Jake surprised me with cute new running shoes! He also gave me beautiful bouquet of multi-colored roses. I love them! 

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  1. Looks like a smashing good time! Luke and I scrubbed our toilets on V-day. (No joke) it was hot!! :-)