Monday, February 10, 2014

Asher Basher, Ash Man, Ashton Mark

I feel like I haven't written about Ashton in awhile. Maybe I have I just don't realize. Whatever you know you want to hear about my kid and how much I adore him! Someday I am going to miss this stage. I am going to miss that its just me and him. I am going to miss all the little things he does. Even though he is a year and a half and he is in a really hard stage right now I am still going to miss all those little things.

I love how much of a goof he is. I wish everyone could see how he is at home. He is silly and funny and has me laughing a lot. He is also super busy and into everything. We have a system down, I have learned to just not care what he gets into I just clean it up later that night. He knows what he can and cant get into and usually minds. On the other hand I love that he is shy and keeps to himself when were around people. I used to defend him when people would say, "Why doesn't he smile?" he just is very territorial. And i have grown to love that. Its him and I am grateful that he only opens up to people he truly adores.

Although its slowly fading, he is such a cuddler. He will randomly come and sit by Jake or I and just hang or snuggle. He will put his head on my shoulder and just sit there sometimes for ten seconds sometimes for 10 mins. He still sometimes likes to be rocked to sleep. Sometimes its frustrating and I forget that it too will fade. He has the sweetest heart and always gets this concerned face when someone is crying. Its too cute.

He is learning so much every single day. It amazes me how much he is saying and learning literally every day. I came in and he was half naked. Had learned to take off his pajamas. He also recently learned to say please. He says it so cute too. Its this tiny voice. He loves to read and I hope he holds onto that forever!

Basically I love this kid and I am so glad he is mine. I love being his momma and count my blessings every day that I am!

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