Thursday, June 19, 2014

Memorial Day

Our Memorial day was so busy! We we're going the entire day from when we woke up till we went to sleep. It was such a fabulous day.

We started the day off by heading to Ernie's Sports Deli, for their famous breakfast Sandwich "The Champ" its to die for and worth all the clogged arteries. It's a must try. The only thing is it comes with eggs, but it works out because Ash LOVES eggs, so I just hand it to him. After breakfast we headed to Jake's parents house, to help set up for the first BBQ. We we're going to have The whole Frahm extended family over at Jake's parents house. Its been a yearly tradition the last 3 years.

First off, there was a TON of food. Literally everything was delicious and you had to try it!

Throughout the whole day my brother in law Mike kept joking that we were going to have a water balloon fight and then someone was like "well why don't we?" So we started filling up balloons, and the kids were playing with them, then we got big ones and we had all the adults and kids line up and did a balloon toss. It actually turned out a lot of fun...and then of course people started attacking each other with them!

We ended the fabulous day at my sisters house with my side of the family for another BBQ! It was a long fun filled day, and ended up being perfect!

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