Sunday, September 7, 2014

Dear Blog Readers...

I want to write to all who read my blog... Cause I need your help! I need lots and lots of prayers and thoughts for the month of September.

Jake and I met with the fertility Dr. again two weeks ago. I just wanted to know what our game plan was and what we needed to do. Last time we went in for an appt it took us about two-three months once things FINALLY got started! So I assumed that would be the case again. But much to our surprised he said we could start as soon as my cycle started.
Well last Wednesday Aunt Flo came. And we took some blood tests to make sure everything was ready and doing what its supposed to. Everything came back clear so we are all set and ready to go to do another round of IVF for the month of September.

What's different this time? WELL...first of all I am not doing the full IVF I am doing FET (Frozen Egg Transfer) which means instead of going through tons of drugs and a procedure to retrieve my eggs, we have already done that step from our last treatment. So we are just implanting them. I had five eggs that they retrieved in February. We used two of them in the failed February treatment. So we now have three that have been frozen since then. So now we will transfer two of the frozen eggs. So half the treatment, half the money, and half the hormones! YAY
Also, last time we did IVF I told NO ONE. Now I am being less secretive. I need lots of prayers right now, so I am telling people close to me.

Jake and I also made the decision that if this doesn't work again, we are done trying to concieve a baby and using my body as a home. haha what that means is if this doesn't work, we will move on to adoption or surrogacy. Which is a great thing...but that is DOUBLE the amount of IVF and will take us a long time to get to that point. So we are just praying praying praying this works! Thanks everyone for understanding and being so supportive! We are excited, scared, nervous, and hopeful! But I will keep you updated EVERY step of the way this time! Thanks!


  1. Praying extra, extra hard for Baby Frahm 2015!!

  2. Keeping you guys in our prayers!! Good luck!!!