Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Bed Rest and the dreaded TWW

Yesterday at 10:30 am they implanted my eggs! The cutest blastocysts you ever did see. After they implant the eggs you need to stay on bedrest for two full days. It hasn't been that bad really. A little boring but hey who can complain about sitting on there butt watching Gossip Girl and Scandal incessantly. Pinterest all day. And food being brought to you! Uhm hi! No one!

Right before we went to go put our little eggies in! In this pic I was so drugged! Perks of Valium. Then they took us back and showed us which eggs to implant. They showed us all three we have left and then said the bottom two are the best ones to implant! So those cuties at the bottom are what was implanted in me yesterday!
I got a blessing the night before and I felt so good about everything and how it was going to go down! So at this point I was just so excited and ready for this process!
They implanted my little cuties and then they leave you in the room for twenty minutes and let gravity do its job. Then you go straight home and rest for two days. They implant during this time! I had read in multiple studies that pinapple and Mcdonalds Fries are supposed to help to help with implantation. Weird? Right? I will do whatever I need to at this point!

Food of champions! Still continue with progesterone shots till I am eight weeks along. Now I have to wait the dreaded TWW (two week wait). Feels like forever but I am going to try not to think about it. Here we go!

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