Monday, November 10, 2014

This is Halloween

This year was one of the best Halloween we have had! Ashton was so much fun this year and we had a lot to celebrate and everything was perfect!

Ash and I got up and normally I would try to make it all festive, but I'm going to be real honest. I had NO desire. I was so sick the day before and the amount of energy it take to concoct something besides cereal at this point is pretty complicated. Any who. Got him all dressed up and then I got ready for the day in my get up! Ashton was Clark Kent this year.

We then ventured out into the world. I met up with my sisters, nieces, and nephews for lunch at Taco Amigo. (Side note: I could eat there everyday. Its amazing and never gets old.) Ash loves anything to do with his cousins so he was so happy to be there with them. After we we're parting ways and my sister Jamie said Sweet Tooth Fairy was offering free cupcakes to any little kid dressed up. So of course we had to take that opportunity. And of course I had to buy myself one. 

I told her we were just going to go home and wait until nap time so she invited us to the mall with her. We roamed around Tai Pan and finally I decided it was time to go home. Ash and I enjoyed a marvelous nap while we waited for Jake to come home. He luckily got off early and once he got home we headed straight for his Parents house. They have an annual tradition where the cousins come and show them their costume each year. We visit for a minute then part ways.

Then we always have a Schroeppel get together. We all bring a million treats, appetizers, and food. My parents provide the main meal. We take a million and ten pictures in front of my parents house, eat, and then head out for trick or treating.

This year we went to the "Rich houses" which are East of my parents house. So we hopped in the back of my BIL truck and then started the long night. This year was so fun cause Ashton now knows how to say "Trick or Treat" followed by a "Dant you" (thank you). The only problem was all the cousins would run from house to house where he would just walk. So we carried him a lot to keep up. (When I say we I really mean Jake).

Ashton got a ton of full size candy bars. Which we saved for ourselves. hehe Then we went back to my parents ate even more food. Then decided we needed to start a movie. But if you start a movie you need nachos...and if you need nachos you need a drink. So the sisters and I piled in the mini van and Headed for Swig, and Costa Vida. It took ten and a half years cause we get crazy when we get together. But we came back and the grandkids we're hyped up on sugar. We pounded the nachos fast and decided we had used my parents enough that it was time to head home. We left my parents house at 10:30. Which let me tell you for me is a big deal. I am a freak about Ashton being in bed right at 8:30 but we were having such a good time and he was having such a good time. We ended the night perfectly. We got home and hit our pillows hard. It was the best Halloween. Next year I will have a little one strapped to my chest while we are out trick or treating and I cant wait!

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