Saturday, August 1, 2015

Boston 2 Months

2 Months
10 lbs 2 oz 23 inches

LOVES: Going on walks in his Boba Wrap, loves nursing prefers it over a bottle, being held and snuggled (that will fade soon)

HATES: Being left alone too long, his carseat off and on

FAVORITES: My family (especially my momma), morning time

MILESTONES: He is getting better at eye contact & lots of smiles, starting to "coo" and "gurgh", starting to get stronger legs

CLOTHES: 0-3/3 Months he is only 9 percentile for weight so he is just a little guy

DIAPERS: Size 1 

MOMMY LOVES: His smile is the cutest thing I know I am biased but he is just so sweet. Still love nursing (for the most part) I love that, that is mine and his time together and no one can change that. I love seeing so much of me in him i.e. his hands, feet, and nose. I love how good of a baby he is.

ALIASES: Bos, Little brother, Bos Man, BLT, Boston Baked Beans, Little B, Bostonian, Biggity Boston

RANDOM: We started using his swing a lot more recently, he likes it for a good amount of time, then he gets mad and wants to be held. His spitting is a little bit better but it mostly depends on the day. He is still underweight. The Dr said he is just above them being concerned about his weight, so we will just keep putting along. He is 56% for length and has a big noggin which is 92%. He smiles for anyone and everyone. 
he got shots at his check up and he did this unless
 he was being held poor guy!

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