Wednesday, August 12, 2015


I find random journal prompts on Pinterest all the time. And I always want to write a post but it never happens. These random posts are so fun cause my posterity hopefully will see it someday. But anyways I happen to be having "ME" time while the boys nap and thought it would be fun to do this!

5 Ways to Win my heart
1. Gifts haha my language of love is definitely gifts,
whether it be big or small.
2. Make me laugh and your for sure "in"
3. Compliment me (who doesn't love that?)
4. Diet Pepsi and/or Food
5. Being able to relate to me on something Im interested in

5 Pet Peeves
1. Fake people. I. CANT.
2. People who spit or loogies 
(I just threw up a little) 
3. People who control me or tell me
what to do
4. When people eat or drink my food (I'm 
not a good sharer)
5. Liars

5 Guys Whom You Find Attractive
1. Jake Frahm (obviously)
2. Gerard Butler
3. Jake Gyllenhal
4. Josh Dumehal
5. Did I mention Gerard Butler?

5 Items You Lust After
1. A Jeep Commander. Its been my dream car for quite
some time, but it just is never in the cards for me.
2. An unlimited shopping spree. A girl can dream
3. Long luscious hair
4. A dream home that we build with our EXACT wants
5. Backstage pass to meet Celine Dion

5 Words of Phrases That Make You Laugh
1. Herbert the Pervert saying "You fat son of a..."
2. "Big Gulps huh?"-Dumb and Dumber
3. "Help me. I'm Poor"-Bridesmaids
4. "It's so damn hot out here...milk was a bad choice"-Anchorman
5. "PIVOT!" -Friends

5 Weird Things That You Like 
1. People watching and wondering what there story is
2. Online shopping. I do 90% of my shopping online
3.Scrapbooking. Do people even do that anymore?
4. Uhm I play the dorky Kardashian game on my phone. guilty.
5. I click my throat all the time.

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  1. Okay NO JOKE I was looking at all the prompts on Pinterest last night! So... don't be surprised if they show up on my bliggity blog ha.

    Also, PIVOT!!!