Monday, August 24, 2015

Yellowstone Family Reunion

My mom's dream was to take our entire family on a "Schroeppel Family Reunion". So last year we talked about Yellowstone, but never really anything official. Then when the summer started my mom said she was looking at places to stay and couldn't find anything she loved. But she happened to talk to a friend Lori whose parents had a cabin RIGHT by Yellowstone. She booked it and it was official.

We we're so excited. I had never been and I was just excited to spend the weekend with my whole family. Thursday after Jake got off work we took the long trek to Montana for West Yellowstone. What would normally be a 5 hr drive took us 7. Between nursing the babe and potty breaks for the three year old it was a little bit longer. We got to the Cabin at 11 and went to bed pretty soon after.

Next day was Friday. We we're originally supposed to go to Yellowstone all day but we were all so tired we decided to stay at the cabin. And later went to a Wolf and Bear exhibit. We ended the night at the cabin with a gorgeous rainstorm, games, and eating junk food.

Highlights of Day 1:
the kids going on a "bear hunt"
Eating my sketchy Chicken Salad
Sitting on the porch watching a summer storm
Playing an inappropriate game of Scattegories
Seeing Amish people everywhere
The Pizza place we ate at

Low Parts of Day 1:
Having an EXTREMELY tired 3 year old
CJ spraining his ankle
paying way too much for the Wolf and Bear exhibit

The next day was all about Yellowstone. It was unbelievably gorgeous. It was so much fun and we definitely saw our fair share of the park. Prepare for a bajillion pictures.

Getting drenched by the Beehive Geyser
The guy helping/kidnapping Mia
Beautiful Hiking
My children slept every time we were in the car
Taking Selfies with Buffalo

Low parts:
Not so fabulous expensive lunch
Sitting in something brown/not having a change of clothes
Realizing how out of shape i'm in
Not getting ice cream at the parlor

The last day was spent eating, cleaning, and driving. But it still was a lot of fun. Such and incredible trip. Short and sweet but one of the funnest family ones I have been on. Mom says next year Hawaii...we'll see!

Pancake breakfast
Much quicker drive home
Being able to read a book for longer then 5 seconds

Low Parts:
Awkward family pictures
trip ending
cleaning haha

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