Thursday, October 8, 2015

Boston at 4 Months

4 Months
13 lbs. 4 oz. 25 Inches

LOVES: Sleeping in his crib. If we are out and about and he falls asleep he doesn't sleep nearly as good as he does in his crib. He recently found his piggy toes and loves to put them in his mouth. He loves when we blow on his belly and give him "raspberries".

HATES: Being put down haha, being left alone in the room, binkies I keep trying to give him one but he refuses and gags.

FAVORITES: He holds his hands CONSTANTLY. Its adorable. I always say he is praying. I found out how to blow bubbles with his mouth and is all about it. I'm still his favorite person though. 

MILESTONES: He can officially hold his head up when we hold him and is getting better at lifting it during tummy time. He now sits in the Bumbo like a big boy. Now instead of just tickling him, he laughs when we laugh. Laughs when we make faces, laughs when we do peek a boo, or achoo!

CLOTHES: The day he turned 4 months we put him in some 3-6 which are a little big, but the 0-3 are just a tiny bit too tight. Small little guy

DIAPERS: Size 1 but we are almost to size 2

MOMMY LOVES: His giggle. Its the sweetest sound. How he is "everyone's" baby right now in the family. He is such a good baby!

ALIASES: Biggity, Boogie, Bos, and Brother are his most common nicknames.

RANDOM: The Dr gave us the go ahead on Rice Cereal and we tried it for the first time a week later and he really liked it. He did really good with it, but then got lazy and just wanted a bottle. He also took his first airplane ride last week to California. 

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