Monday, October 12, 2015

Capistrano Beach, California

At the beginning of September, Jake's parents basically surprised us and said they would buy our flights to California if we would go with them. So how can you say no? We found a really cheap flight for our little family and the plan was officially made!

Oct. 2, 2015 Day 1:

If these pics look like we were traveling the whole time that's cause WE WERE! Our flight was at 8:45 but my in laws wasn't until 12:30. So we literally got up at 6 flew to LAX waited around for my in laws, headed to the hotel. Grabbed dinner, and went to bed.  It sucked but could of  been worse.

Authentic Mexican Food for dinner
Having a hotel across the street from the beach
Renting a Mini Van that converted me (more on that later)

Waiting at airport forever
At said Mexican restaurant only got a small drink of 
Diet Coke in the can :(

Day 2:

We spent most of our day at San Clemente Beach, which was an absolute blast. Everyone got in the water including Boston AND I. (I have a weird thing about being wet and water). We both enjoyed it. Finished off our day at a Restaurant called Bubba Kahuna's... DIVINE Pizza, and one of the best pulled pork sandwiches I have ever had.

Perfect day at the beach
Dinner at Bubba Kahuna's
Unlimited Diet Coke
Boston's first beach experience

Sand in every crevice
Postpartum body in a bathing suit
Missing the chance to watch Conference all weekend

Day 3:

We weren't going to go to the beach again but a local ended up telling us about this amazing Private beach. We ended up going and I am so glad we did it was incredible. Ashton later that day set up a "store" for us to buy things from. And we ended the night with some B.S. card game.

Woods Cove Beach
Got in one conference talk
Watching the Fault in our Stars

Jake ruining the Jalapeno poppers
Losing BS on accident
My pasty skin ALWAYS getting burnt

Day 4:

Our trip was short. This day we flew home and traveled most the day. But we spent the morning at the hotel, while Boston slept I stayed behind and everyone else went to the pool. It was a fab weekend and perfect for some R&R

Flight attendant giving us 8 pkgs. of biscoff cookies
Amazing Burrito from the Airport
Coming home

Arriving too early to the airport and alas MORE waiting around
Boston was so tired on the plane
Coming home


  1. Looks like a fabulous quick vacay! You're beautiful and those kids are adorbs!

  2. wait how did I not know you were here!?!??! I think I was in Utah. We live in San Clemente!! Next time you are here please call me and I will meet you at the beach.