Monday, April 4, 2016

Boston at 10 Months

10 Months
18 lbs 28 inches
5 teeth
LOVES: Drinking from his sippy cup. He loves loves water so his sippy cup is a staple! He officially lays and sits in the tub with brother and once he got over the initial fear he loves it!

HATES: Being in his crib unless he is REALLY tired. Starting to get a little bit of that stranger danger going on,

FAVORITES: They make these cheeto looking things and they are his fav. He can pound the whole can, but we restrict him. He loves to click his tounge and you do it back, shake his head no-no, and wave bye bye.

MILESTONES: He is now able to climb most objects, and gets to his knees and rocks. Not a ton of actual crawling just yet. Says "Mama" officially. Mostly when he wants something or is tired or needy. haha. Waves bye bye and claps

CLOTHES: 6-9 and 9-12. 

DIAPERS: Size 3 

MOMMY LOVES: How he will snuggle into me and if I go "ahh" or "mmm" he does the same noise. We could do this for hours. 

ALIASES: Bos, Biggity, Bigs, Peanut, chubby, and Baby B

RANDOM: Found out he is very allergic to Penicillin after getting his second ear infection. :( Now that he can climb onto things I found him on my laundry basket filled with laundry just laying there. So cute! 

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