Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Jakes 32nd

That cute hubbie of mine had his 32nd birthday on April 6th. I always like to make a big deal about birthdays cause to me they ARE a BIG deal.

I woke up that morning to make him breakfast and surprise him. He always begs me to wake up and make him breakfast, and I'm a mean wife and NEVER do it. So I get up and he says "I would rather you got back in bed and just cuddle." (In my head 'm thinking who is this guy? so naturally I think the next thing he wants is a little hanky panky, rightfully so on his birthday) but really all he wanted to do was cuddle and stay in bed together and asked me to make his big birthday breakfast on Saturday. Isn't he the best?

But I waas still sneaky and decorated the bathroom with reasons whIyy I love him, and filled his carr to the brim in balloons. And a cute little birthday "work outfit" complete with shirt and tie.

His request for his birthday was that I come bring cupcakes to his work and we take the boys out to lunch. Easy. Done.

That night we met up with my parents, Mark and Les, and our boys for dinner at Red Robin. It was a party

PS I have seen this Kimono on all those little boutiques Websites and they are always $25+ went on Amazon and scored it for $7!!!!!

Our little family did presents and cupcakes together and we spoiled our dad! 

The following Saturday we celebrated with Jake's family. Doing everything he wanted to do. Starting off with the park and eating lunch there. Basically Jake would have lived at the Park if he could, followed by Mexican takeout and presents at his parents.

Happy Birthday babe! I love your more then I love Diet Pepsi or Rockstar. You are my lobster and my person. But seriously you are one of the most selfless people I know. You would do literally ANYTHING to make me and the boys happy. You are my everything and I am glad to get to celebrate you for many more years. Muah!

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