Sunday, April 24, 2016

Ashton's Birth Sisters

I decided I need to journal a little bit about whats going on in our world as of late. Its been a crazy couple weeks and we still don't know for sure whats happening... but let me back up and explain a little bit.

When I was about 6 months prego with Boston, Mark and Les were over to visit and as usual I asked them how the birth mom was. Thats when I found out she was expecting a little girl a month before I was due. Mark and Les asked if it came down to it, would we adopt her? We said absolutely. Fast forward to the day she is born. She has the baby and its a little girl. Birth mom is planning on keeping her. But we didn't know what was going to happen since she is a drug addict and who knows. She gets out of jail and her and that baby are staying at a rehad/home for addicted moms and babies. She stayed there for four or so months.

She gets released from the home and moves in with the Birth dad and they decide that they can do this and they want to be a family and raise this baby. In the mean time, I have had Boston and just getting updates on her life from Mark and Les. We even meet her three or four times.

Around October or sometime like that we find out that Birth Mom is prego...again. This makes baby number 3. Amaya and this babe will be exactly one year apart. Once again, we say we will adopt this baby if it comes down to it. Fast forward to February of this year (2016) I am wanting answers as to what the Birth Parents plan is. Do they want to keep this baby? Do they want her to be adopted? If they want her adopted is it us they want? I don't have any clear cut answers at this point. But what I did know is Birth mom wants "Ashton's Family" to adopt the baby who also happens to be a girl. But Birth Dad doesn't so we really have to play it by ear until she is born. 

Easter Sunday we go and visit Mark and Les. She is kinda giving me an update and tells me BM (birth mom) is dialated to a 3 already and her due date isn't for another three weeks. Well I knew she was going to have that baby any day now cause Ashton was three weeks early and Amaya was two weeks. 

Wednesday, March 30, 2016 at 8 PM I get a call from Les. Baby girl has been born, but she was born addicted to drugs. ;( BM had been using the last two months of her pregnancy and only 12 hours before she delivered. We all up to this point had thought BM was clean and doing good. So we start thinking about making plans for this baby to come into our lives but we really have no idea whats going on. In the mean time, I am watching Amaya while Mark and Les deal with all thats going on at the hospital.

The next couple of days were a whirlwind. Emotional, a lot of breakdowns on my part. Scared for these little girls. Not knowing whats going to happen. DCFS gets involved this time around and decides that the girls should go in there custody. But luckily they awarded that the girls stay in Mark and Les' home. So for now we wait... wait until something happens. We would happily adopt both girls in a second. They are both just little angels and Ashton adores them. I don't know what gods plan is but we have to put all our faith that he knows what he is doing and that some way we can put those girls in our family. Yes I would be the crazy lady with four little kids under four. But you do what you gotta do.
Please keep our family especially Amaya and Brooklyn in your prayers. 

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