Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Boston at 11 Months

11 Months
19.5 lbs 28 1/2 inches
7 teeth
LOVES: PB and J sandwiches. He could eat it for every meal and POUNDS the entire sandwich!  He loves to do "Duck Face" for everything. If I say "no" he does that and I melt into butter and he basically gets away with everything!

HATES: When we close the baby gate and he can't escape outside. He gets pissed.

FAVORITES: For the past month or so, we put him down for bed, he pounds his bottle and then wants to play. Normally I would make him sleep but he is so dang cute and happy. We pulled out Ashton's walker that he barely used. Boston loves it! He can't quite steer it but he goes as far as he can.

MILESTONES: Crawling officially EVERYWHERE! He is starting to get busier and faster now that he knows how to crawl. He only eats like real food and drinks whole milk like a champ. He is finally getting a little chub on him from it! Pulls up on any and everything. 

CLOTHES: 9-12 and 12 months 

DIAPERS: Size 3 

MOMMY LOVES: The silly faces he makes, how he greets me when I get him out of the car or crib with the biggest grin. He really is the best baby, so chill and happy.

ALIASES: Most used this month is Biggity

RANDOM: He got Hand, Foot, and Mouth and it WAS hell!! This kid has literally caught anything and everything. 

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