Monday, June 6, 2016

Boston at 12 Months (last update)

12 Months
20 lbs  2 ounces 29  inches
10 teeth
LOVES: Being Tickled, Peek A Boo, Pushing the Garbage can, Bubbles, Blowing Raspberries, Clapping his hands, Bath Time, Playing with any sort of balls

HATES: If I dont come get him out of his crib THE second he wakes up! Eating ANYTHING healthy aka any veggie and most fruits

FAV FOOD: PB and J eve4rday, Yogurt (even if it makes his tummy hurt), Rice, and Cheeto/Veggie Puffs

I CAN SAY: Dada, Mama, Go, Hi

FAV BOOK: Touch and Feel Animal ( he isnt a huge book lover)

I CAN: Crawl, Clap, Wave Bye Bye, Pull up on everything (couch, fireplace AHHH)

CLOTHES: 9-12 and 12 months 

DIAPERS: Size 4 

MOMMY LOVES: That he clings so tightly to me if anyone tries to take him from me. We are equally obssesed with each other. He has the tiniest cutest little rump. His teeth. They are THE cutest buck teeth I have ever seen.

ALIASES: Bos Man, Biggity, Baby "B", Booger, Baked Bean, Bosty, and Button

RANDOM: He has been the best baby ever! I am so so sad he is one, and praying he never stops being the sweet happy guy he is!

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