Tuesday, May 10, 2016

my 24th Burfday!

This years Birthday was FAB! Just like every year. But honestly Jake does soo good! I am going to be real with you right now... I am a tad bit what you would call High Maintenance and poor Jacob has to be married to me and deal with stress on most birthdays and holidays. I am working on it OKAY!!

But for the record 3 or 4 years ago he set himself up. The week leading up to my birthday he got me small little gifts every day. So from that point on it was kinda the standard. This year was no different. Monday (a week from my birthday) I asked him if I could buy these lipsticks and he gave me the go ahead and said that was my birthday "surprise" for that day. I was totally fine with that.
So I ordered the MannyMUA x Ofra collab lipsticks. And I LURVE them!

Tuesday he was so excited to do this for me. He took me shopping for a bra haha! I always tell him I need to get a new bra and he tells me that its not a necessity (insert my eye roll) but it just so happened I actually didn't need one but I heard AMAZING things about VS sports Bra so I told him we would go look at those.
Jake sitting on the floor at VS

So we start trying some on and then Jake looked at the prices and crapped his pants haha (cheap A) and I wasn't SUPER in love with one so we moved on and walked over to Forever 21. Jake was cute and bought me a sports bra and top there for half of what we would have spent at VS. So Win-Win.

Wednesday we went to the Food truck round up in Lehi, and he was so cute and bought me my fav drink and these amaze balls doughnuts. Its the little things guys!

Thursday- Normally he goes to the flower shop to pick me out some flowers and usually it consists of Gerber Daisies. My favorites. But this time he took me to the flower shop to pick them out myself but I actually just told the florist to surprise me! They were SO pretty and so unlike any bouquet I have ever had.

Friday he told me to pick out three pieces of jewelry and then he would pick the final one. I wanted to add another addition to my Alex and Ani bracelets. He picked out the one that had my astrological sign,the Taurus and I love it!

Saturday we celebrated my birthday that night with his family. But that morning Jake woke me with a doughnut the size of my head and a huge bouquet of balloons. Later that day I went to Color Me Mine to paint a jar (maybe I will blog about that story later). Finished the night at my in laws with Take Out Chinese, games, presents, and cake.

Sunday was my favorite. I woke up to 24 reasons he loves me. 

Monday was my actual birthday! The 25th. It basically revolved ALL around food, family, and friends. Starting off with breakfast at Kneaders with Jake, and Boston. Then got ready for lunch. I picked Chubby's cause CARBS! :) Mushroom Swiss Burger, beer battered fries, and Scones. I mean I guess lunch with my sisters and Mom was good too. ;) They spoiled me good! 

I then treated myself to a little pedi. It was the first time I have ever gone alone and it was HEAVENLY!! Quiet and relaxing. I came home to my sweet little boys giving me the best birthday present. A date with them to Swig :)

My parents took the boys for us that night so Jake and I could go out to dinner. We went to PF Changs and ordered WAY too much food. PS the Great wall of Chocolate is AMAZING!

IT seriously was an incredible birthday. My husband sure spoils me. I love him and am so grateful how hard he works to make me happy! 

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