Friday, June 24, 2016

Boston's 1 year Bday Party

Boston's Birthday fell over Memorial day weekend this year.  So we decided to do it the day after memorial day. I wanted to do a "Surf" Themed party. But also have an ombre effect of blues going on too. Complete with a kids water slide, pool, and sprinkler thing. All the food and decor was beach inspired but not like a luau.

His little Invite

Morning of his actual Bday:

His cute party decor:

The themed party food:
"Wave" Ombre Cake

Crab Sandwich

Seashell Pasta Sala

Shark Fin Cupcakes

Sunkissed Fruit


"Take a Dip"

Shark Bait, and Surf Boards

The actual party was a blast. Of course I am usually running around like a chicken with my head cut off, but the food was fab. The kids swam and had fun. The adults chatted and mingled. Then Bos was SO cute opening up his presents. His favorites were the balls! Mom's were the clothes, and dads was the cash :)

Last was the cake smash! This boy LOVES sugar! At first he played in it by smashing his hands in it over and over, but then dad gave him a taste and he was in HEAVEN!

It was such a good first birthday. We love any chance we get to celebrate this little boy. He has changed our lives for the better and we couldn't feel more blessed to have him. Love you Boston Thomas!

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