Sunday, October 23, 2011

Is there an END in sight??

Here I am, once again complaining.

Lately I feel like the world is on my shoulders. I am going to school Mon, Wed, and Fri from 8-4 than I come home cook dinner, spend any quality time with my husband that I can, than hit the hay. When it's Tuesday or Thursday I'm either working 5-5 coming home cooking dinner, doing homework and than heading to bed. If i'm not scheduled to work that day I'm trying to clean my neglected house, grocery shop, or have scheduled something I couldn't fit in any other time. On weekends (if I don't work) I also have some sort of plans.

I feel so overwhelmed a lot of the time that I cannot take it. I realize many have done this before, now, and will be doing it and probably don't complain, but I am. I just finally cracked today.

Last week I went to meet with the Nursing counselor at Provo College. I was very excited cause it felt like my future was starting right when I was at Provo College. I had decided awhile ago that Provo College was my main choice for Nursing school for many reasons. I have heard great reviews from friends who have gone there I also have seen many Nurses in other hospitals who had come from there. With Provo they have smaller classes so they would be more hands on with my learning. The counselors actually seem to care about you as a person. They can give me a nursing degree by the time I'm 21. They actually DO look at experience in the field. So basically I was stoked to be meeting with the counselor and to get officially signed on for my nursing classes.

Than, reality hit me. She went through the requirements and I realized I may come up short or already have. In order to get into the program you have to have a B- in all the pre-requisites in the field, which is fine, but this semester has been really rough for me and I am afraid that I may only pass some classes with a C. Than she goes on to ask about my math class. I took a faster math course through BYU Independent Study and have yet to finish. But she went on to tell me that BYU Independent Study is only a 3.00 credit class and Provo only accepts a 4.00 credit math class. But, I can take statistics and that would count.

I left there feeling extremely discouraged. I now feel like I'm not sure where my future will go Nursing wise and that I no longer have a plan. It scares me. Even if I did find a different program that met my needs It most likely will be a longer route and have issues of there own. I honestly don't see the end in sight. Sure everyone thinks just keep pushing. But how much more?

Ugh, such an Eeyore moment. Just needed to be shared.

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  1. i totally know how you feel, i feel the same way! know you are not alone. i think it's nice to know ;) hang in there!