Saturday, October 15, 2011

The Wonderful Wizard of Oz

I had mentioned in a post a long while ago that one of my all time favorite movies is
The Wizard of Oz. I loved it so much that even as a little girl I dressed up as Dorothy
6 times for Halloween. Well a week ago I was checking my email and Groupon had
the play Wizard of Oz for two tickets for only 24$, I got all giddy inside. I asked
my husband if this would be something he was interested in and he said that he
thought it would actually be a lot of fun. I was stoked out of my MIND!!

The play was going to be at the Grand Theater in SLC on Thursdsay at
7:30. That night I since Jake took me to my favorite play/movie I
would treat him to his favorite meal Chicken Enchiladas. It was
We got there and I had to go claim our tickets at the box office and
when we got there I gave the lady our two papers. She than said
okay so here are your four tickets (uhm we only need two, awkward?)
Apparently, I'm a handi and Groupon doesn't explain very well, so we were
out $24 dollars and two extra tickets. The people weren't very nice at
the box office and wouldn't help us in the slightest. So Jake, did what
he did best and started Scalping our tickets. Luckily, this nice old man
bought our two tickets for $20. (Don't worry he was with it...enough)

We obviously sat by him and his other buddy and he was
the nicest guy.
He was very cute and kept telling us jokes. Well, the play finally started
and it was INCREDIBLE! We both loved it and I had so much fun!
I am so glad my hubbie was able to take me and that we had a good

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