Sunday, October 30, 2011

Tis' the Season for Spooks and Scares

Ah I love the month of October! It's when the leaves start changing and it gets colder. :) I love the cold!! Halloween comes and we get fatter. I really do love it.

It's tradition that me and my family get together and carve pumpkins. But sadly this year Amy, and Kylie's families could not join us. So this year Jake and I went to my sister Jamie's and carved pumpkins with her kids. It was still a total blast.



It seems though that I end up carving pumpkins by myself and Jake either helps the kids or eat the cookies...hmmm. This year we carved two ghosts. I thought I did pretty awesome. Last year we tried to do 1-11-11 Jake+Jen. It was
stupid and failed but my wedding
was the only thing on my mind so I wasn't as creative.

I cannot wait for Halloween! It's up there to being one of my favorite holidays. Since I have been married I haven't really dressed up but we still have fun. My sisters, kids, and brother in laws all gather at my parents. Together we eat pizza, soup bowls, candy, doughnuts, and dip caramel apples. Than we gather the kiddies and take them trick or treating in the neighborhood. This year Jake and I will be attending along with Bubba as a hot dog! Can't wait.

We also had the opportunity to take pictures with Bubba. I wanted to send out a Christmas card to our friends and family. It was so much fun and it felt like we were taking engagements again.

My wonderful cousin Ashlee de Baritault took them for us. She did amazing! Check out her blog at She is affordable and super nice! She also took my husbands side of the family pictures yesterday and I cannot wait to see them!


  1. i can't remember the last time we carved pumpkins, murr and i need to hop on that next year. love your little fam pics btw, they are gorgeous!

  2. Thanks Kels! We loved them too! Ps.. when do I get to meet the baby that wont arrive?