Tuesday, January 10, 2012

1st Year Anniversary

Happy Anniversary to my devastatingly handsome husband Jacob Thomas Frahm!

Fair Warning: This will be a long post. You don't need to read it. It's more for my purposes.

On July 30, 2010 I was driving to my parents house to visit them, at the time I was living in a apartment with two of my best friends LC, and Naomi in Provo. I received a text from LC and the conversation went something like this:

"Jenessa! You need to meet Jake!"
"Whose, Jake?"
"He is one of my older brothers friends"
(At this time her brother was 27 and I had met
some of his friends before and they were hot, but
I didn't know how I felt about them)
"I will explain it all when I get home"

But before this had all happened my friend LC was conversing with Jake. That same day Jake had come to visit LC's brother at their family owned Spa. He walked in and hadn't shaved in a couple days. She commented "Oh Jake, I like your facial hair." When all the sudden a light bulb went on in her head. Doesn't Jenessa LOVE facial hair? Wait, Jake and Jenessa would really get along . . . maybe I should set them up? "Hey Jake, what would you think about dating an 18 year old?" (Being 26 years old at the time) "I don't know, I haven't dated one in a LONG time." "Jake, you really need to meet this girl she is different." She than pulls up Facebook and shows Jake some of my pictures. Jake decided that he could definitely meet me at this point.

Anyways, my day went on, and I forgot the conversation we had earlier. I got back to my apartment later that night and we started talking about plans we had that Friday night. We were supposed to go hang with one of our guy friends who was leaving for the MTC the next Wednesday. Then LC remembered to tell me about Jake. She shouted "Oh yeah Jake! Let me show you his picture." She pulled up Facebook and instantly I was interested. She text him and said "Jenessa approved of your Facebook picture and would like to meet you." He text back "Great, when? Tonight?" We told him we had already made plans and we could try some other night in the next week. When all the sudden our guy friend we had plans with called and said he couldn't hang out tonight. LC once again text Jake and said "Actually we can do tonight, would you still want to?" "yeah, where do we want to meet up?" LC decided we should all meet at Cold Stone in Provo cause it happens to be right by our place. Than it all began.

I began to get all dressed up and looked cute and LC told Jake to keep his facial hair. I couldn't wait to meet this guy. We pulled up and LC said "He's here!" We stepped out of the car and LC was like "JAKE!" He ran up to LC and gave her a big hug. Than I yelled "JAKE!" and he came up and gave me a big hug. Instantly I was shocked. I couldn't believe any guy I had just met would come up and hug me. We hit it off right off the bat! He bought me ice cream and us three sat down. After 5 minutes it felt like it was only me and him in the room. After awhile LC invited him over Sunday for some card games. I knew something about him was different.

We played cards on Sunday, than he asked me out on our first date which would be Wednesday. Tuesday we hung out and talked a ton! Wednesday came and we went to eat dinner at Bamboo Hut, and than we went miniature golfing. While playing we decided to make a bet about getting a hole in one. In my head I thought ( I want a freaking kiss) but, since we met over Ice Cream I decided to say Ice Cream. He agreed that's what he would want too! I think we both really wanted to say kiss but chickened out and said Ice Cream. Now normally on first dates I don't instantly want to kiss the guy, but there was something about him that I was so comfortable with. Well, turns out neither of us got a hole in one! Go figure! But Jake took me to Macey's and we got soft serve Ice Cream anyway.
We went back to my apartment and decided to go on a walk. The whole time we held hands and talked about everything. Unfortunately he had to get up early the next morning for work so he walked me to my door. As I was hugging him goodbye I just go this really great feeling. I told him I had fun and that I LOVED the Ice Cream. He pulled closer and said that WAS great Ice Cream, and leaned in and kissed me! We said goodbye and I shut my door and literally squealed. I had never received a kiss like that. It felt like fireworks had gone off! I later explained the kiss to people as the song by Miranda Cosgrove- Kissin U. It explained everything. I was in trouble.

That Saturday we went to a Wedding for one of his works friends. Earlier LC had warned me that Jake told her he wanted to be something more. He wanted to be my boyfriend. It was a little nerve racking. He was 26 and I had only known him for a week. But I didn't care. He officially asked me at the wedding if I wanted to be his girlfriend. Everything about it felt right. On the way home, I clearly stated that I didn't want to get married. I was only 18 and had plans and I was just in this for fun. Boy, I sure didn't know what I was getting into.

The next week he was headed for a trip to San Diego with his family. We were hugging each other goodbye when all the sudden I got this overwhelming feeling. All the sudden I felt the spirit say that I was supposed to be my husband. (cheesy I know) I went inside and started freaking out! I didn't know what to do. I went and told LC what had just happened and she said "Oh I know. I have always known. That's why I set you two up." I text him and said "Jake I know I'm supposed to marry you but can we date awhile before we get engaged." He was shocked but felt the same! It was a crazy, exciting, and scary feeling.

I went to tell my mom the next day, this crazy feeling I had yesterday. She didn't love the sound of it, and asked me how I could know I felt this way when I was only 18 and had only had 2 serious boyfriends. When I was 16 I made a list of things I want in a future husband and I told her Jake was everything on my list and than some. She said "Well how can I argue with that?"

Two weeks later things were going great and I knew I was going to marry him, it was just a matter of time. We went to a family reunion that night and he had met my whole extended family. I realized I was in love with him. I just was so overwhelmed. We went to my apartment and started talking about our future together. He asked me when I would want to get married and out of no where I blurted out "I don't care. Because I Love You." I don't know what came over me. He got a huge grin and said "haha you said it first" But than pulled me in kissed me and got real serious and said "I Love You" It was great. But now I can always say that I was the one who loved him first.
After this point every day, was just biding our time. I had told my dad after four weeks that this is who I wanted to be with . . . didn't go over so well. He told me I was crazy and that I needed to date Jake longer. But after three weeks Jake, finally got the courage to ask my dad, and my dad finally stopped avoiding Jake and they had "the talk". Two hours later my dad gave his blessing. At this point it was the waiting game.

Two weeks later, on September 30, 2010 we were engaged. I knew he was going to propose that weekend, because he had told me we were going to a really nice restaurant. But this was on a Thursday and I was thrown off. I had been going to night school that semester and I was going to school from 5 PM to 10 PM I wouldn't be eating dinner till late. So when I got home that night I was hungry, ornery, and tired. Jake took me to Del Taco to get me some dinner and suggested we get some ice cream from Macey's like we always do. I agreed and decided we could grab some Ben and Jerry's and take it back to my parents. Jake on the other hand seemed shady and suggested we eat the Del Taco at Macey's but bring the ice cream home. It didn't make sense to me. So we fought until I got my way. We were at Macey's picking out ice cream flavors, and I just couldn't decide what ice cream to get, and for some reason Jake was getting impatient. I finally picked out a flavor and he sped home. We got there and I took my time eating my burrito. I hid the ice cream in the freezer to tease Jake. That's when I could tell something was up.
(At Macey's where I insisted we take a picture)

Jake finally got me to show him where the ice cream was took my hand and started leading me outside. He told me he wanted to go to Northridge Park and eat ice cream with the horses. (We would always go there on walks and we called it "our park") It was 10:30 at night in the fall and freezing and my boyfriend wanted to take me to a park to eat ice cream. So naturally I was being a brat and told him no. I once again started fighting with him about not leaving. I could tell he was getting irritated. I finally gave in.

We pulled up and he was holding the ice cream and started to walk away. So I decided I would follow. He grabbed my hand and than started walking me to the horses. As we were walking he started to tell me how he found a gift in his suitcase that he had forgot to give to me from Germany (he had went on a work trip there 2 weeks before). He stopped walking and handed me a heart box.

I started to open the box and saw a shining/bling. I instantly realized, this was it. He got down on one knee and started proposing. I started to cry and he started to get teary. It was so amazing. I found out the reason he was stressed and nervous was not only because he was proposing but because my sister and brother were at the proposal sight filming the proposal. After they ran out and enjoyed the excitement with us.
Than it all began, the exciting marriage plans. 
Photographer- Sarah Jones (also employed by Lindsey Jane Studios)
Flowers and Decor- Janalynn from The Flower Affair
Dress and Cloak- Veronica Michael's Bridal 
Food- Magleby's 
Temple- Draper
Reception- Sleepy Ridge Golf Course
Hair and Make Up- Kylie Blackwell
Videographer- Davy Orgill with Pointe Digital
Invitations-MinuteMan Press
Sign In Book- Mother Schroeppel

I had always wanted to get married in the Winter! I was ecstatic that we were getting married in the dead middle of Winter, January 11, 2011. I happened to be at dinner with my sister Kylie when we talked about doing my wedding on a weekday and I said what about January 12 and she suggested the 11th and than pointed out my date would be 01-11-11. I loved it. Yes, I didn't come up with it with my actual fiance but he LOVED the idea. From than on I was so excited for the snow to happen to use in my bridals and to wear a cloak and have the whole she bang. 

My engagements were perfect! Exactly what I was picturing. I had wanted to go with someone that could capture details and be creative. I also wanted my pictures to be ones that would never go out of style and I would love even when I am 90 years old. But at the same time be updated and modern. My dad also said it had to be someone we knew and trusted. I was looking at Lindsey Jane Studios website and realized that my second cousin was one of the Photographers. It was meant to be! We took the casually dressed pictures at Wheeler Farms. It was beautiful. Than we went to a random street in West Jordan and took our dressy pictures. My sister Kylie did my extensions/hair and makeup. 

When I went dress shopping I knew I wanted a ball gown that was white and very princess like. Well we went to Veronica Michael's and the first three dresses were exactly what I pictured. Tried them on and I hated them. My mom and future mother in law had both picked out mermaid style dresses in ivory I tried one that I had liked a million times better than the ones prior. I liked it, but didn't love it. The fifth dress I tried on was MY dress. I fell in love. It was perfect. The neckline was unique. It was very lacey and had tons of diamonds and beading. It fit like a glove. My aunt who owned the store designed my cloak and it literally was to die for. I felt like an actual princess.

 On January 11, 2011 I married my best friend for time and all eternity. That morning I woke up early and got my hair and make up done by my sister. I drove to Somewhere Inn Time where we had our Breakfast instead of a dinner. We had my sister Kylie speak, my best friend LC who set us up speak, Jake's sister Rebecca sang "Someone to Watch Over Me", Jake's best friend B.J. spoke, than both of our dad's shared a some thoughts, than me and Jake said a few things. It was great and I am so glad we did a breakfast. It was another unique thing about our wedding. After breakfast, my parents, Jake, and I drove to the temple. With everyone else following. We were sealed in Draper Temple at 1 pm. It was incredible. So worth it! Everyone told me to not stress about my wedding and to just enjoy the fact that I was getting married. I honestly felt like in the temple that was one place where I truly thought about the spirit and the fact that I was marrying the man I love. It was so incredible. When Jake and I were engaged I had asked him if he cared where we were to get sealed, cause I really had a temple in mind. Luckily for me Jake didn't care. When I had gone through the open house of the Draper temple I remember walking through and when I came to the sealing room I got this overwhelming feeling of the spirit saying "this is where you need to get married" now I am not necessarily saying it was telling me to LITERALLY get married in the Draper temple, maybe just a temple in general. But after that I had a special place in my heart for Draper. I also liked that I didn't know of, or hear of anyone getting married there. So it would be more unique for us. I don't regret my decision. After we were sealed I went in the bride's room to change and two of the temple workers were standing in the bride's room along with my mom and sister and asked if they could watch me get ready. They were SO cute. They just kept ooing and aahing at my dress, hair, make up, EVERYTHING! They were so sweet, they just added to my special day. They made me feel so special and beautiful. I won't ever forget those sweet moments.

 Later that night, we had our reception at Sleepy Ridge Golf Course, and it turned out AMAZING! It was exactly what I wanted. I couldn't have been happier. We had Jake's brother and my brother as the grooms men, than my 3 sisters and Jake's sister as the bridesmaids. I was so happy I did just family. It ended up being the perfect fit, I didn't use friends and I was really okay with that. My three neices were flower girls. My colors were light pink, black, and silver. It was so beautiful. I told my mom I wanted a princess type wedding, with diamonds, candles very elaborate. If you ever need a wedding planner, my mom is it. I had a hot chocolate bar, a prof. crepe maker, crepe bar, sandwiches, cake, and the infamous candy bar. Unfortunately all I ate/took with me that night was candy. :( We ended the night with a sparkler send off! Perfect ending to a perfect day!
Candy Bar

Flower Girls

Ice Sculpture

Bride's Room

Something borrowed and something blue

Schroeppel Family

Sign In Book

Girl Friends

Girl huddle

Frahm Family

Sparkler Send-Off

First Dance
But most of all its been a year. And I am married to my best friend. This year has flown by so very fast. I am so happy that I have a best friend that I am married to! Jake is the perfect man for me and I couldn't pick anyone better. I can't wait to live the rest of eternity. He completes me in every which way, and I him. I know from the bottom of my heart we were meant to be together. I love Jake, and he is my everything. 


  1. SO cute! Love this post and ALL the darling photos. You two are so cute. Glad you have had such a great year and will have many many more to come! Happy Anniversary!!!

  2. Darling post, loved all your pics! Youve had quite an amazing year! gues what...it gets better! : )
    So hapy your first year or marriage was great. You look beautiful!

  3. i loved reading all of this!! and i just have to say its a good thing you got married last year and not this year cuz there would've been NO SNOW!! :) you two are perfect together!!! Hope your anniversary was amazing!!

  4. So fun to read your story! Interesting that my story is very similar...we were engaged 3 weeks after meeting - both of our parents had a similar reaction to your dad's. Your pictures are beautiful!!!! You will love having all of this detailed and recorded! Happy Anniversary!