Thursday, January 19, 2012

I can't believe I did it...

I made it through one whole YEAR of marriage. Yeah I deserve a medal or something.

On January 11, 2012 we both unfortunately worked. But that night we decided to celebrate as much as we could. We had the tradition of eating our wedding cake a year later, but luckily we didn't have to eat nasty old frozen shiz cake. The lady who made my cake said she would do it again!! Yay baby!

For gifts this year we didn't go the traditional route. I had found a necklace on Etsy that I fell in love with and it would be a cute sentimental necklace towards our "anny" so I told Jake I would order it but it would be from him. (Also, taking into fact that I would never buy a necklace for that much just on a whim).
Than I surprised Jakey boy with two hats. Lame I know but he loves hats and one of the hats was a Jazz hat which led into my cooler gift: Jazz tickets in pretty sweet seats. Each gift was a hit!

I'm in love 

We got home I made dinner, than we had some of our anniversary cake. I started packing for our trip we were leaving for in the morning and Jake was acting all weird. I started to iron his shirt when he started asking what I was doing and he wanted me to come out of the room slowly. I was afraid my husband was going to attack me, turns out my best friend's Naomi and LC were standing there with this beautiful bouquet of flowers! (Naomi's mom owns a flower shop) It was such a nice surprise! I was so happy and giddy.

So since they happened to be there and I knew we wouldn't be able to eat the cake by ourselves we invited them to stay and eat our cake. It was kinda fun. Weird but fun!

 To celebrate our consummated love for each other, we went down to St. George, Utah and stayed at my parents beautiful home. It was fun to take a little road trip and be able to talk, sing, and enjoy simple alone time together. We decided to go out to Texas Roadhouse, I didn't get any pictures but It was fun and delicious. Every night we got in the hot tub. The next day Jake was really excited and wanted to teach me how to golf. Mostly, putting. The next day we went Shopping! So we each got a chance to do something we both wanted. It was a good lil vaca and much needed. Sure love this man of mine, he is pretty hott too!
Drive down

Jake's Treat of choice
My treat of choice

my shopping buddy

drive home :(


  1. i swear, if you can get through the first year, you can get through anything!!! :) love you two together!!!

  2. Looks like you two love birds had a great trip! I wish we could go to St George, I bet its warm! Your such a good wifey for going golfing..its pretty fun once you get a good shot! haha. And thats for the sweet comment girl..your pics are super cute! I just bust out the camera whenever I think about documenting {just like you!} I play around with my photos in photoshop, makes em look different. Glad you had fun spending time with your best friend. AKA- Hubby!

  3. I found your blog! You guys are so cute :) I love the necklace!!! This is becky by the way :)

  4. Congratulations on the Anniversary! I can't believe its been an entire year already. Crazy!
    But its totally cheating if you don't freeze the cake silly girly!