Sunday, January 8, 2012

New Years {resolutions}

A few weeks before Christmas my mom said she was wanted to rent a cabin for New Years Weekend. Sure enough a week later, she told us she actually got one!

We left Friday at 4 and we headed up to Heber city. We kept driving, and driving, and driving. Finally we came to it. We pulled onto this gravel path than, it turned into a snowy hill that was completely iced over. Neither mine or my sisters car could make it up. We were stuck. Luckily 3 of the other cars were able to get up with no problem at all. So while they took their cars up to get rid of their stuff we sat in our cars trying to entertain ourselves.

Finally the other cars came back and our trip began. We started off the night with pizza, games, and laughter. We stayed up till 2 that night. We woke up that next morning and cooked breakfast. We continued to play games and relax. We all got ready for the day and went down to the Heber to the famous 'Dairy Keen'. It was delicious, as usual. We grabbed a few things and than headed back up. Jake and I took the four wheeler's out for a fun ride, played MORE games and than for dinner everyone brought amazing appetizers to share and meat. We were fed nicely. After dinner we went downstairs and played multiple games of Mafia. So so fun. At 11:45 we got our sparkling cider, hats, crowns, and rattles and watched the ball drop at Midnight. It was perfect and I even got the best new years kiss :) 

With New Years come's resolutions.This year I feel like I have a lot of goals and things I want out of 2012. I am super excited to see what this year brings. Some things in mind are:

-Lose weight healthy
-Put my office together
-Put my laundry room together
-Go on lots of adventures
-Strengthen my testimony
-Have family home evening
-Figure out my plan for school
-Trips, trips, trips :)
-learn more dinner recipes
-Have an even better relationship with the hubs
-Do lots of things before kids

Ultimately I just want to have to best year with great memories. Can't wait!


  1. Love the resolutions. We share a lot of them. Maybe I can help you with some in exchange for help with others.
    One of my resolutions is to learn how to do my makeup with help from Jenessa. That's all.
    Happy New Years! It will be an amazing year because you and Jake will be going on double dates with us :)

  2. Nah... Just have kids. Haha just kiddin! Maybe we'll plan it out so we have them around the same time. They'll be best little cousins I can just see it. haha.:)

  3. I love both these comments! I completely agree to both!!