Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Christmas Festivities

Christmas this year started out a little early for Jake and I. We were able to go on a little date night to the Hale Center Theater, and see the famous play A Christmas Carol. We went a week before Christmas and it was so much fun. We ended our night with a lovely little dinner at Apollo Burger.  

Since my grandma Virginia passed away a year ago and she was the Christmas QUEEN, my grandpa decided he would keep traditions alive and throw a Christmas party. It was so cute he was really excited, and my sister Kylie basically put together the whole thing and it was AWESOME! We even had Mr and Mrs Claus come visit ;) 

As I posted earlier two of my best friends came home. So we decided to have a girls night making gingerbread houses. We had Christmas music playing and it was perfect... until my "going to be" mansion gingerbread house fell apart (worthless)! so I gave up and created a plain and boring one. 

Than we had Christmas on the 23 with Jake's family. It was a lot of fun, and sure enough Bubba was very spoiled. 

Than last but not least Christmas with my family. We had such a blast on Christmas eve. Jake, Bubba, and I stayed the night at my parents and woke up early to go see what Santa had brought us. It was such a fun day. My hubbie definitely spoiled me. Unfortunately my camera died on Christmas Eve so my mom has them all but have no fear I have some!

when I realized I had just bought this exact same thing a week prior

Inside Joke

My Niece is DEFINITELY the cutest

right before beddie bye

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