Saturday, June 16, 2012

Let's talk about Summer

I mostly enjoy this season. As most people around me know, I'm a winter girl. I love the cold. But I have mostly enjoyed this warm and sunny weather, a chance to wear my swimsuit (ick), and to get some color on my pasty white body. But I despise, sweating and heat. So I will handle it for the time being.

A few days ago, I decided I wanted to document this whole summer. Day by day. So I made the goal to take a picture each day of at least one thing I did. Some days it will be boring but I'm excited for the challenge. Now since I decided this like 3 days ago, I have missed some days already, but I have many pictures! Let's start with:

Memorial Day:
This year we spent it with Jake's family at his parents house. We did a BBQ and played "night games" like Ghosts in the Graveyard, Steal the Flag, and Freeze Tag. SO fun!

June 6th:

Went on my first bike ride, in what seemed like YEARS up Provo Canyon, with two of my sisters and their kids. It felt so good. The only downside was my little "vaheena monster" wasn't so pleased with my bike seat. So I went out the next day and bought a cushion! Can't wait to get out and ride again!

June 7th:

We went out to dinner for this gals ^^^ birthday! Her favorite place Mac Grill! We hadn't seen each other since my birthday so it lovely. It always feels like old times!

June 8th:

I got my first taste of sunshine and water when I went to lunch with my sisters than, we took the kids to the Splash Pad in the Riverwoods. There was hardly anyone there and its little enough to enjoy. I can't get enough of my sisters kids. We ended it with a trip for Froyo! Mmmm

June 9th:
My most favorite thing about Summer is Orem City's Summerfest. I have gone since I can remember, and every year I leave with such fun memories. Well this year was a complete bust, and I was SO sad. It was FREEZING. As you can see in the picture, I had a jacket on and with the hood up, and cuddle in with Jake. We probably stayed for 30 minutes. We got our traditional dish of Navajo taco's. Than we walked around the booths. Than ended it with our dessert of chocolate covered strawberry kabobs. I was also even more excited cause this year they were doing the Parade at night and by the time the parade had started we were so cold. So we ended up leaving. :( I guess this could be a memory of some sorts.

June 12th:
No pictures for this day but I just wanted to share. This was our last session of Therapy. We GRADUATED. I seriously feel like a different person than I did 7 weeks ago. Were happy 95% of the time instead of 60% and we communicate so much better. Such a good feeling. Glad to be spending eternity with this man.

June 14th:

It looks like I do have breasts: SCORE!!

This was my real first day of swimming and sun. I didn't put on one ounce of sunscreen in hopes to get some color!! It was so nice, we went to my sister's condo pool and watched the kids splash around. It was heaven. I also got to whip out my new suit from target. Bonus!

June 15th:

I went to 7peaks with my Pass of all Passes. It wasn't as crowded as I thought it would be. The food has tripled in price since I was here last. That meal ^^ cost me $9.60 and it wasn't all that great. But I did enjoy myself. Apparently they let anyone in the park. I saw booties all over the place. Than two kids had to be taken by ambulance that day cause of drowning. Definitely an adventure. 

June 16th:

Today was my nephew Easton's 8th birthday. We went to Fat Cats/Costa Vida in Provo. I took a picture of my food cause that was the 2nd night in a row that I had the same meal. And I was still as excited to eat it as the night before! I LOVE COSTA VIDA! I have a feeling it will be involved in a lot of my summer! Anyways...we bowled (Jake and I did AWESOME!), ate some dinner, opened gifts, ate cake, opened Father's day gifts, and had a joyous time. We sure love Easter. He is such a sweet boy with so much energy.

Welp, now I am going to stick to my everyday rule and see how it goes! TTFN! PTFO! 

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  1. Haha I liked your boobs comment. I told my husband about it and he's like "tell her she should get pregnant." Pretty sure mine have like doubled in size and I'm only 5 months along. Freakin sweet.