Thursday, June 21, 2012

You want me to throw you a Shower {now} don't you?

I love Pinterest. It gave me oodles of ideas for the Baby Shower I threw on Monday. And it was a SUCCESS! I threw it for one of my friends Lisa, and she is having a wee little lad and naming him York.

The  theme for the shower was "Ready To POP!" With it, all the food had the word POP in it and the colors were Gray and Yellow. It was so darling. These are a few pictures from the night.

These are some of the decorations I had there. Throughout her entire pregnancy I would have her send me a belly pic at first I really wanted to see, but than over time I thought it would be cute to hang at her shower. I love how it all came out, it was so fun to see!

We had a table set up with what I called "Diaper Thoughts" we drew on them images or sayings so when she would change his diaper she would have something the laugh at. Some that I thought were funny is, "Daddy's Turn", "Is that corn?!" and "Your being a dick right now". We played another game which had songs with Baby or Boy in the title and everyone had to guess the artist and song.Cute little LC won!

Treats!! Treats!! and more Treats!! We had Caramel POPcorn, POPcorn holders, Butter POPcorn, Ring POPS, Blow POPS, Bubble POPS, Snap Crackle POP (rice krispies), Otter POPS, and Soda POP. It was so fun to see it all come together. 

As part of Lisa's gifts I made her a diaper wreath and some very fun and cute pacifier clips! So easy!! Thank you PINTEREST!

Overall very fun and very cute shower! Very worth it for my Loucifer!


  1. Darling! I love it all. I hope you're still in the mood to throw showers when I'm pregnant. The title of the post is quite fitting ;)
    You're so crafty! I love it. I would like to take 25% of the credit since I encouraged us to have a craft night. Love and miss you!

  2. Yeah I was showing Oran these saying, isn't jenessa so talented? You're ammaaazzing. You have to do one for me one day... haha!