Monday, June 4, 2012

Things {YOU} should know about me if were gonna be BFF

It's come to my attention over time that I have random readers, well I consider all my reader friends. And I was thinking need to know some ish about me before we continue our relationship together. To be honest I'm kind of a crazy, so it's better to know now than later.

1. I never brush my teeth before I go to bed (eww I know)- I just don't. I can't explain why, I know I should I just don't!
Do my teeth look that bad??

2. I love to read books, but after a couple months I forgot a lot of the things I read in the book, it really depresses me. I wish I could retain all I read!

3. I want a baby. It's a true fact. Now when will I actually create one, is a great question!

4. When I cross my eyes only one goes crossed and the other stays straight.

5. I miss all my friends from high school (even the ones I am still friends with)

6. Now this may make or break some of our relationships but...I'm a Boston Red Sox fan!

7. (speaking of teeth) I have a fake tooth and when I'm near black lights it glows really bright.
this is when it fell off :(
8. Just so you all know, and so I can relive "my glory days" I was Fashion Team President and Ms. Timpanogos. SO I'm pretty much a big deal.

9.I can rap, like Lil Wayne. It's true just ask my Bunco girls

10.My cycle is every 28 days.

11. I'm secretly pulling for Britney Spears to get back in the fame and do something great

12. I was a cheerleader, and I actually did enjoy/miss it.

13. I'm kissed 32 boys until Jake, and I don't regret it. (But I am embarrassed)

14. I have been to the temple 3 times since I took my endowments out :(

15. I STILL sleep with a baby blanket that I've had since I was born. When my husband told me I had to get rid of it I started crying and than he decided I could keep it.

16. I LOVE to longboard

That's just a little somethin something about me. Enjoy! This message was approved by JENESSA


  1. Sister.... first of all, that 1st picture of you........HELLO GORGEOUS! How have I not seen that before? Seriously, you look like a supermodel.
    And second of all, don't ever admit that you don't brush your teeth at night. Ever. Again.
    Ha! Love you.

  2. You are too cute Jenessa!!!! I love you, always have. :)

  3. HEY, let's go to the temple dumb!!!! My cycle is every 2 weeks... (pooping) lol! Or at least it used to be... Oh and... You need to get Ashlee involved in your Bunco group. She needs it! Bring her along when you need a sub! Or if she can, ask her to join!