Monday, June 25, 2012

Ice Cream, Burns, and Park City

This week has been loads of fun! It's been really good for me to take pictures everyday, it's helped me in a journalistic type way, but than also helps me realize how fun my Summer has really been!

Monday June 18th: Refer to the post below. It was mostly filled with cleaning, decorating, and cooking for Lisa's shower. So much fun and so darling.

Tuesday June 19th:

As I promised, I took pictures at work of the things I have done/will do. It just so happens that at the beginning of summer, the cafeteria in our hospital purchased an ice cream machine. Oh sweet heavenly land! Soft serve ice cream is my FAVORITE! It also has so much history with Jake and mine's relationship. Anyways, it probably is a real biotch that my work bought it cause on this day I bought two soft serves at different times of the day. So this picture is to prove at what a fatty I am :)

Wednesday June 20th: 
Another day of work. Unfortunately this day at work was less exciting and with much less ice cream. I was exhausted from the 12 hr shift I had worked the day before and at the end of this 12 hr shift I was done!! The first thing I did when I came home was sit on the couch and turn on Modern Family. It wasn't long that my sweet little Bubba Gump came up and nuzzled right into me. So Wednesday night consisted of cuddles and movies.

Thursday June 21st: 

Thursday in the morning I went to pick up my nephew Cooper, my sister Amy and the rest of her family was going down to Lake Powell and she couldn't take her little guy cause of the heat. So Jake and I took him all Thursday and half of Friday. It was so much fun! Cooper and me started our day off at the mall and we played at the tree with his other cousins. Than we went to payless and bought adorable shoes. Cooper passed out in my arms. Than we went home and waited for Uncle Jake. When he got home we took off to my favorite, Strawberry Days. We got dinner and 3 strawberries and cream. MMMMM. We only stayed a little while cause we had to bathe and put Cooper to sleep. It was so fun playing mom! Especially to the sweetest boy around!

Friday June 22nd: 

This day I took Cooper to the pool and met up with some of my Bunco Gals. We stayed there probably 3 or 4 hrs. Very nice! Unfortunately in all my attempts to take care of Cooper I didn't put sunscreen on my back. That picture above ^^ shows the contrast between my lily white skin and burnt back! Jake was so mad I didn't put any sunscreen on, but if you look closely in the picture you can see my hand prints on my shoulders of where I did try to put sunscreen on hehe. Anyways, after the pool sesh, I dropped Cooper off at my other sister who was taking him Friday-Saturday. Than I went home and got ready to head out to PARK CITY!!! Jake got home we packed our stuff in the car, grabbed some Wendy's and took off! We met his parents up there and had some dessert. Than we ended the night with a movie.

Saturday June 23rd: 

Saturday we woke up and went out to breakfast at this wonderful all you can eat place. Than we got home and jumped in our swimsuits and headed straight to the pool. It was so peaceful and hardly anyone was around. We stayed about an hour and headed back to our room to clean up and get ready. We went and explored main street than came back to eat dinner and dessert. My M-I-L had been telling me all day that she bought "moose tracks" ice cream for dessert, I was so excited cause its my favorite flavor (Im seeing a trend here) we get out the ice cream and much to my disappointment it was "bunny tracks" which is very different. hahah we were all so disappointed. So I took a picture. 

Sunday June 24th:

Sunday we woke up and got ready for church. At first I wasn't stoked about going (just being honest) growing up when my family was on Vacation we rarely went to church if we were out of town on Sunday's. Jake's family is the opposite. So I knew going up there over a Sunday we would be going. Well I thought we would only be going to Sacrament, much to my dismay we were planning all 3 hrs. (Side note: The whole weekend my father in law talked about how Mitt Romney and other political people were going to be up in Park City for a fundraiser, he even went hunting for them on Saturday to meet them, but came back disappointed.) Anyways, we got to church right at 9 am. We were looking for a bench to sit on when my M-I-L said "Oh my gosh, there is Mitt Romney." I didn't believe her at first but than I saw his wife Ann, and I followed down the row and sure enough there was Mitt. We sat down 2 rows in front of him. It was insane. My father in law walked in late from parking the car when we told him the good news. After awhile I realized it must pay off to go to church while on Vacation. After Sacrament was over, everyone rushed up to shake his hand. I got to shake his and his wife hands and so did Jake. His dad chickened out and ran to the bathroom ahaha! It was so cool. I snapped that picture of him. We went back to our hotel, took a wonderful two hour nap and than woke up and watched a movie, ate dinner, went on another walk and packed up and went home! It was a very great and relaxing weekend.


  1. I think I might steal your idea of making a photo journal for my summer :) This is so cute! And I love reading about it.

  2. I dare you to do it! Its been a ton of fun!!