Wednesday, October 17, 2012

How to be {grateful} in a hard situation.

Lately, I have been a grump! About EVERYTHING! I hate it! I am not that person, and I don't want to be that person. But sometimes hormones get the best of me. Especially added hormones. For instance, I have been mean to people I love, and care about. I don't mean to. I am not happy for people who announce their pregnant. Especially when they are like "oh it was an accident". I wanna be happy for these people. I mean that is so awesome for them that they get to experience that, I mean I really do! And its not all people, but its most. (My friend Laura just told us she is pregnant and I am actually REALLY REALLY excited for her, so see I am NOT that cold hearted) ANYWAYS! The point is I just feel like lately I am Scrooge/Mr. Wilson/The Grinch but guess what, they all turn out good by the end of the there is hope for me yet. 

But today happened, I also think my hormones are settling down. I was at my parents house and one of the neighbors who is a friend and I just started talking. My sister told her how we wanted to use her cake decorating skills in the future for Gender Reveal cakes. She started saying how she was also thinking about having her second child. (Side note: This lady is AMAZING! She tried to get pregnant for 9 years and was about to go in for blood work for IVF after all that time and found out she was pregnant! So now she has a 7 year old girl. She also did Chlomid and said she was a royal B on it too!) So anyways we were just talking about it and she made this comment "But I will have you know that my husband and I became the BEST of friends in those nine years, cause all we had was each other and it was such a struggle." I like died and fell in love with what she said. It literally just made me so grateful that A) we haven't been trying for 9 years or even 5 years just 16 months. B) That she just learned to make a positive out of her relationship. It made me feel grateful really that Jake and I have had almost 2 years of marriage just us. and that we get to enjoy each others presence till we have a baby. It makes me feel like if I have to do this for the long haul I can with my best friend and eternal companion by my side. 

So the moral of the story is I am learning to be grateful and less "beast like" in this trial in my life. So please bear with me in the mean time :)


  1. love your attitude!!! everything in life seems better when you have a best friend( your hubby) to go through it with. love you and jake.

  2. well said Jenessa! I dont know anyone who hasnt felt the way your feeling, i know ive felt it before! in fact, it was while we were trying to get pregnant after I had a miscarriage, then we had zo! it is a long haul sometimes, but looking back, it happens faster than you think. youll never regret those years with your husband, i would never take back having Zoee, but I wish I would have given us more time together being just the 2 of us. so many things are different after babies, but also wonderful. hang in there, you have a great attitude towards life, thanks for sharing your story!

  3. Jenessa, I can't say I know how you feel exactly, but I understand. After four years of wanting a baby and then having a miscarriage after we had already told everyone we were pregnant, I was so depressed and felt like no one understood what I was going through. I hated people that kept posting their cute new baby pictures on facebook, I wanted to delete them as friends right then and there! Seriously, I was angry. But, it just takes time, and things will happen for you guys! It is so totally worth the wait!!! And something I found out is that there were so many girls that had been through exactly what I was going through, so it is good you found someone who can relate, it really helps. And if you ever need a baby to hold, you are welcome at my place!