Monday, October 29, 2012

September and October

Life has been crazy. As always very busy and very fun! We got iPhones in Sept. when the new ones have come out so all my pictures have been coming from there. So I thought I would show you through pictures what we have been doing since September.

Sometimes with life being so crazy I never get to see some of my friends from high school. This is Lisa and baby York and I was so thrilled when they both came to visit me for a couple hours! It helped with the melancoly.

I have been wanting to go to Sushi house for awhile and Jake likes to go just with more than the two of us! So we suckered in Brandon and Kylie to accompany us! It was BOMB! 
At the end of September, I was released from my calling in the Primary Presidency. It was a very sad day. I was only just called in April. But our ward split so my calling had to too! I was so grateful though for the chance to be in this calling. I grew to love the kids so much and I made 3 new friends with the girls in the presidency! This picture is thank you cards from some of the kids :)

I went to the dentist in Sept. He told me I needed to fix BOTH my root canals, take out my wisdom, and fix my cavities. So I decided that why not do it all in one session. I was a rough weekend. I am finally on the up and up!

I have had the brown boots on the left for YEARS! I found a cute cheap pair and bought them, and sad to say I am so happy I got rid of my old ones!

My friend Heidi and I went to the Carrie Underwood concert! IT WAS AMAZING! Seriously it was the second best concert I have ever been to. (Celine Dion was the first...obviously) She had 6 costume changes and got in this hot air balloon thing that came over the crowd. She did so good! She is even better LIVE!

My sister owns a Condo, and she had a really awful renter, who than died. So we went and gutted it out and painted. Fun?

Saddest day, my kindle broke. After a week or two Amazon replaced it, free of charge. No more withdrawals.

The Bunco girls celebrated the Vampire Diaries movie premier in style. We all brought treats and together and watched the first episode of season 4. TEAM Stefan!
This cute man of mine brought me flowers and a Jamba one Saturday while i worked! It made my week!

Supporting the T-wolves. 

Embracing this weather as happy as can be. Complete with snow, caramel apples, and hot cocoa!

After my wisdom teeth removal we replaced on of the crowns over it. I was literally in that dentist chair once a week for 5 weeks. But no more!!

Last weekend a couple of girls from work and I all went up to the Witch Festival in Gardner Village. It was so much fun to dress up like Witches and go look in all the shops and grab a bite to eat. After we went to the  Witch Palooza show, and it was hilarious! It was a great night!

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