Tuesday, December 11, 2012

A moment to brag...

I haven't had something really amazing happen in awhile and this to me was like almost as good as finding out  I was pregnant (not QUITE as good but just about). As we know I have struggled with school for the past 2 years with college. With figuring out nursing school. With grades. With tests. With just about everything!

But since I started school at SLCC my school life has taken a complete turn for the best! I loved school this semester and I excelled at all I could in every single class! So when finals came up of course I was slightly stressed but I felt pretty good about this semester. Well tonight when I went on to take my second and last final I decided to check my grades for my Nutrition class to see if he had posted my grade since I had taken the final last Thursday, this is what I found:

I just started crying. I was so overwhelmingly happy. I could not honestly believe that I got an A-. I didn't even think I could get an A at all! And my GPA hadn't been that high since high school. I just felt so so so proud of myself. 

That's all. I am amazing! Now I wait for my second grade :)

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