Friday, December 28, 2012

It's been awhile.

I am having some serious withdrawals from not posting 12 days!! I believe that's the longest I ever went!! Well I"M BACK!!! With lots of pictures of what went down in these past twelve days. Over these days Christmas happened!! Sad its over :( but it means I am that much closer to leaving for my cruise. Which I leave a week from tomorrow! Can you say excited??

I finally finished Jake's stocking about a week before Christmas! I loved the way it turned out for the most part. Plus I was so proud of myself for doing it. I know years to come when we have kids and all the homemade stocking are sitting there I am going to be so happy.
This is our Christmas card we sent out this year. Loved the way it turned out. So if you didn't receive one, I am sending it via Blogger :)

The Tuesday before Christmas my best friends from high school all came over to my house and we had dinner, games, and lots of laughs. It was much needed! We hadn't gotten together in months! It was great!
For Christmas Jake bought me a shellac kit along with colors. I got it two weeks before Christmas and it never made it under the tree for me to unwrap cause I have been using it at least twice a week!

After I started my period I was super bummed out. So I wanted to make myself happy, and Etsy arrived. haha I bought myself these beauties and I am so happy I did! I did put the necklace in my stocking as a stuffer so it worked out!

I put my chalkboard to use for a second time. I really wanted snow, and my wish was granted! :)

Luckily Christmas Eve Day I didn't have to work! We started the day off with Jake grabbing us some Mcdonald's breakfast. He even brought it up into our bed. We had a party that night with Jake's extended family. We got all cute and dressed up for it. After the party we came to our house with Jake's immediate family and opened gifts. We were very spoiled. After everyone left we opened Christmas Jammies. 

We woke up at 6 and drove over to my parents with all presents in tow to start our christmas bright and early. It's also my brothers last Christmas home before his mission. I was very spoiled this Christmas. Jake and I agreed since we were going on the cruise we would only spend $100 on each other. Well my shellac kit ended up being $110 and so I was for sure done. Than my sweet husband surprised me with these Nike's I had been drooling over. THAN he also gave me a brand new purse. I am such a lucky gal. My parents also gave the guys gift cards to Carraba's and bought us all our day pass to Atlantis. Then the sisters opened up a beach bag with flip flops in them! How fun! The last present of the day, was my sister giving my dad a collage of pictures that announced she was PREGNANT!! So my sister will be having grandbaby #10 in August. Exciting stuff.

Since Christmas eve on, the snow has poured over here in Lehi. And I am soaking up all of it! I am in pure heaven.

Well that's us the last two weeks! Christmas was excellent and now were just preparing for out cruise in one week! YAY

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