Saturday, December 8, 2012

It's the Holiday Season

Which is why I am SO busy! Between finals, Bunco, and Christmas I have been going, going, going!

We celebrated two Birthdays in November. First we celebrated my nephew Hunters Birthday. Than a month later on December 1st he got baptized. It was weird to me that I have a nephew that I remember holding being baptized. But he look so stinkin cute in his suit!

Jake's Oma Frahm turned 80! So the entire extended Frahm family got together at her favorite Golden Corral to celebrate. She is such a feisty gal! I love her for it thought!

I have also been trying to carve off all the sugar I have been eating by exercising and eating better. My sister was so kind and loaned out her 30 day shred to us. It's killer, especially since I haven't worked out for a year or longer. I have somewhat enjoyed it though.

Unfortunately, I also started finals these past two weeks. So I was trying to study and some days I didn't make time for 30 day shred. And one night when I was studying extra long, my sweet hubbie brought me my favorite treat...what do you do? :)

As I have stated before I love love love to paint my nails, so of course my favorite holiday doesn't come without some festive nails. 

Than to add to the holiday stress I had Bunco at my house the same day as finals. But I was so excited to have it at my house for the Christmas Holiday! We started out at Chili's for dinner. Than we came back to my house for (if I do say so myself) the cutest hot chocolate bar! I was thrilled with how it turned out! We than did a gift exchange and I got comfy jammies. Than we played our favorite game of Bunco. I won hostess and got word blocks that said NOEL and an ornament. We stayed up till 3 talking and it was awesome!

Also, today we took our Christmas Card pictures. I was originally going to just take the photos from the pictures we took with my family but I ended up hating them all. But than last night my friend Amie asked if we would tag along and snap some pictures of her family with her nice Camera and she would take some of us! I was sold. It couldn't hurt. So we put on some clothes and they turned out pretty dang cute for how last minute we did it! Here is a sneak peak!

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