Friday, May 10, 2013

I'm Legal, Kids!

On April 25th I did it. I officially turned 21. Originally I had wanted to do something fun and exciting to mark this big birthday of being an official adult. Even thought I don't drink and I shouldn't gamble. And I wanted to go to Vegas cause its destination for when you turn that age. But life had other plans for me. Luckily while I was on my cruise I gambled for the first time. So I was fine. But this birthday still was one to remember and I had such a good day regardless of where I was.

First of all it was my first couple days with Ashton as a mom, and I was pretty excited about that and honestly it still is hands down THE best birthday present.

So my husband is a really great guy. I just want to start off with that. Because we decided on Sunday night a couple days before my actual birthday that we were going to take our free Tucano's birthday gift and eat there on Monday night for our last meal together before Ashton. I was working that day and I had been texting him and I said "Make sure to have my surprise gift there tonight." Totally teasing. Well sure enough he shows up with flowers. That guy I tell you. I'm very lucky. Then the next day he came home from work with a diet pepsi. Some would say, So what? But to me, it makes my day! Then the next day, he bought me the cutest sparkly boat shoes. So my birthday really ended up turning into a birthday week. All cause of my sweet guy.

On my actual birthday I started the day off with my sweet little hubbie guy waking me up with breakfast in bed. Complete with Chocolate Chip waffles, Bacon, Syrup, and milk. Man does he know the way to my heart. Calories and Carbs! Swoon

Throughout the day I was shown the love from facebook, texts, and calls all from loved ones. Later that afternoon I met my mom, sisters, and some kids for lunch at Wingers. I had been craving it forever so I was so so so excited to eat there. They completely spoiled me to the core. I am so lucky!

So I knew for my 21st birthday I wanted to do something I wouldn't normally do. And I had seen a girl at my work do this and I was set on doing it for mine. So I went to Cupcake Chic in Orem and got 6 different cupcake flavors that I wanted to try. They are as follows:
Toffee Bits
Red Velvet
Cookies and Cream
Strawberry Vanilla

I also had been hearing about this Drink called "Dirty Dr. Pepper". It originated in a little hut in St. George that's called Swig and its famous for its sugar cookies and their "Dirty Dr. Pepper" all it is is Dr. Pepper with coconut in it. Well my friend Meg, had perfected the same drink at our local Sonic and since I was feeling adventerous I also tried it with my 6 cupcakes. I brought the drink and my 6 cupcakes to my brothers baseball game, cause I wasn't planning on eating every single cupcake just bites so I knew this would be the perfect place to share. Me and 6 other baseball fans sat and tried each flavor. I LOVED this idea. It was so fun and soooo good. My favorites were the strawberry vanilla and coconut. Speaking of coconut... The dirty dr. pepper. UHM, HELLO!! TO DIE FOR!! I loved it so much I am now addicted and have to make a sonic run EVERYDAY! It's a problem! or is it? But hey i do get mine diet (thumbs up?)

Ashton and I cheered CJ on while we enjoyed the rest of the game. And than CJ hit a home RUN!! For me on my birthday. (I always knew I was his favorite!) It was awesome!

I ended my amazing day with my hubby. Grammie Les watched Ashton while Jake and I did our tradition of going to Milagros for dinner. He also gave me my amazing birthday gift which was my.... KITCHEN AID!!!
She is a beaut! Pink and ALL!

Such a great birthday!! I am very lucky!

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  1. Love love love it! And I see our wreath... I'm using mine right now too... Woohoo! We should do another one soon... yes? yep!