Friday, May 24, 2013

To Medicate or not to Medicate that is the question?

I want to write a really random post about my medication. I keep feeling like I need to write about it. Not for any reason. But maybe just to get my feelings out there?

In March when we went to the fertility Dr. I was told that my thyroid count was low. Not low enough to be concerned but low enough that it could affect my fertility. So they put me on a low dosage of Levothyroxine. And within the first few days I noticed a difference in my life. I was less tired, and had more energy. I could concentrate on things. I had drive to do normal things in my day. I could remember what I needed to remember. And I just felt better and happier.

Than April came around and I needed to make a follow up appt. to see how my levels were on the medication. But as we know, we were surprised and got to adopt Ashton. So everything in the trying to conceive took a break and kind of was set aside. Also around the same time, my prescription ran out. So I just decided to forget about it and when we went back to the fertility Dr in a year or so we would figure it out than.

Over the next couple weeks I kept saying "Ever since I adopted Ashton, I have lost my mind." "Ever since I adopted Ashton, I'm so tired." "Ever since I adopted Ashton, etc. etc." I just felt kinda out of control. Which to be fair is understandable with all that was going on and how fast and extreme my life had changed. But the way I was feeling was so extreme that I didn't do anything all day everyday and I would sleep whenever Ashton slept and so on and so forth.

It wasn't until this past Monday that I did something about it. Jake and I always talk on the phone during his lunch break around noonish. He called and I told him how tired I was and how I was so bugged cause I could literally not get up and even do the dishes. Like it took me literally ALL day to convince myself to get ready, or clean, or even go do an errand. He had kinda hinted that maybe I need to go back on my Thyroid medication. To be honest I hadn't even thought about it. Plus I was EXTREMELY shocked that Jake had mentioned it cause he is VERY against relying on medication. He said "I really think you need to renew your prescription and today! I will even call the pharmacy and pick it up for you." For Jake to feel that strongly about me getting on a meds is a big deal. So that night he happily went to the pharmacy with me and picked it up and made sure I took it right than.

I am not sure if it can happen this fast or if its in my head, but the NEXT day, I was a new person again. I got up happy and awake. I got ready first thing, cleaned my kitchen, cleaned my dining room. Played with Ashton. Started two crafts. Finished one of them. Made dinner. The whole shebang. As much as I don't love the idea of being on a Medication for a long period of time, I love how much my thyroid medication helps me out. I am glad Jake pushed me too to get on it.

Overall in this case I think the answer is Medication. And I am so grateful we figured it out. And how much happier I am! Kids, the church is true! AMEN!


  1. As someone who is on a medication for the long term, to me, the good sometimes outweighs the bad.:)

  2. It's hard to rely on medication. I hate it. But we aren't perfect and that includes our bodies. Sometimes we need a little help here and there and that's okay.