Friday, June 14, 2013

We live in a Zoo!

So I have a bucket list, as everyone does/should! And there are many things on my bucket list that I failed to complete as a child so now as a 21 year old female I still feel the need to accomplish. Such as fly a kite. Finally did that my Senior Year of HIGH SCHOOL!! And build a sand castle. I know I know. and Ride a horse. Really the list could go on. But the one thing I hadn't done that is the saddest of them all is... are your prepared... GO TO THE ZOO!! Holy shiz balls it's pathetic. So every time someone I knew would go or invite me I couldn't go. That was until little Ash Man came into my life. (I'm telling you everyone should have kids just so they can do kid like stuff and it doesn't look awkward.)
So the last day of May, my sister Jamie was planning on taking her kids to the Zoo, when she asked who wanted to join, I was almost in tears. I could go! I could actually go. Not only could I go, but I got to take my awesome human being child with me. And we would both experience it for the first time! We were ecstatic!
This was the morning we were going, get the excitement?
So, we drove up there and got there pretty early to beat the crowds. And it began. My love for the Zoo. We first stopped and looked at the monkeys. And Ashton kept pointing at them. I got to see one of them Pee, which sounds weird but it was interesting. 

Next stop: Elephants. There was a mama, daddy, and baby elephant and I loved them all. They were one of my favorites. Just cause they were so beautiful! Ashton couldn't really see them, but I'm sure he loved hearing me talk about them.

It started to rain so we took cover in the Rhino den. The rhino's were cool to look at and see how big they were, but nothing to write home about. I did take pictures to make them feel included however. Next we went into another little indoor place that had different type of animals that looked like monkeys. And two of the areas the mom just had babies and they were so little! I think this part was Ashton's fav cause a little animal came right up to his eye level and he kept pointing at it and talking to it. SO CUTE!

Than we saw some eagles. Than we went and watched the Sea Lion's for a bit. Along the way they had this thing going on where they have different types of Animals built out of LEGO's! It was so cool. Then we went into my other favorite exhibit, the Polar Bears. There was one Polar Bear that was so funny! She kept going in one room touching the wall with her nose got outside around a rock and come back into the room and touch the wall with her nose over and over again. I found it hilarious!

We saw some grizzly bears and then we headed up to see the Giraffe's they were what I had anticipated the WHOLE time (normally it would be Zebra's but they didn't have them *sniffle*) . We got up to them and I never realized how tall they are. And so pretty. Ashton loved them too! He kept yelling at them. Which in Ashton language that's a good sign! 

Our last stop was the reptile part. I wasn't so sure about this considering, I hate spiders, snakes, and basically anything that crawls. But it was still cool. Freaky as hell, but cool.

I'm so glad I went, and with Ashton! It was amaze balls and I would go again in a heart beat! Thanks Jamie for inviting me!

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