Monday, June 10, 2013

Colin Jackson Schroeppel

This post is all about my brother CJ. The past few weeks have been filled with events for him and getting ready for his mission. It's been a crazy whirlwind! But gosh I love that kid, so it's worth it!

Let's start with pictures from his baseball season. This year was just as fun and thrilling as last year. Less tears were shed on my part however. We went into tournament and were doing awesome. The boys were playing their guts out. Than we had one game were the magic was just not there and it didn't flow, and guess what? We lost. So we went into losers bracket. The next two games were insane. Filled with screaming and cheering. The boys had come together and made a completely different team. They won the first 2 but lost the 3rd ending their baseball season. But they played with so much heart and effort. CJ seriously is incredible. He is such a team leader and fighter. I know that kid will amount to such amazing things and I can't wait to see it!

A week after the baseball games CJ graduated. We went to UVU to watch him walk and he was the last of our Schroeppel clan to graduate. After we went to dinner at La Carreta for some Peruvian cuisine. 

Than last but certainly not least, CJ is going to be serving the Dallas, Texas Spanish Speaking mission. And he leaves on the 26th of this month! (I'm freaking out slightly!) So two days after his graduation he went through the temple for the first time. It was such a neat experience because my entire family was able to go in the temple. CJ is such a spiritual giant and did awesome. I cannot wait for the people of Texas to see what he has to offer.

This picture ^^ explains mine and Cj's creepy awkward relationship. CJ and I fought all growing up but also were each others buddies. Now that I am married I have learned to love CJ more. He is such an incredible kid and I really look up to him. He is my idol. I remember praying for him throughout my school years that he would be the best person and he really is! I love him!

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