Monday, July 8, 2013

Ashton's First Birthday

This was the day I had literally anticipated since Jake and I started trying to get pregnant. My child's first birthday. I had so many ideas and plans. So when we first found out that we were possibly going to adopt Ashton, I always said to Leslee "All I care is that I get him by his first birthday!" So the day we got him I knew exactly what I wanted the theme to be! A circus themed birthday. It was fun, colorful, easy to work with, and side bonus hobby lobby had adorable decor for the theme! 

Let's start with the beginning of the day!
We woke up and put his party hat on and made him waffles (he LOVES waffles)

We had to go to church since it was sunday, we had the cutest bow tie that fit with the theme AND church!

Now PARTY TIME!! Let's start with decor:

Now onto pics from the party:

It was really stressful and tiring. But it turned out perfect and I loved it all!

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