Wednesday, July 3, 2013

What do I do?

If I was asked this question what do i do?
I would instantly write: work at a hospital as a CNA.
But this is not the average "what do I do?"
I am a really good nail painter.
As of late I pride myself on how much I enjoy it
and how swell I do it. Still have lots to learn, but
for the most part I am awesome.
I craft and create as much as I can.
I no longer rely on somebody or something to
make it or do it. I learn how and I do.
I am happy to be able to do it.
I have the ability to listen and actually be interested
in most peoples lives. I think that's why I enjoy 
my job so much.
I find people fascinating! 
I set goals and plans to try new things
as often and as much as possible.
It doesn't always work out how I wanted or as 
soon as I wanted, but it works.
This is what I do.

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