Wednesday, January 29, 2014

One Dream, for Another

Since I was little I always, always, ALWAYS wanted to be a mom. I was one of those weird little girls that would put ballons or basketballs in my shirt anytime I could. I always loved having baby dolls and pretending I was a mom. When I was 12 I literally said in a YW interview I wanted to have a honeymoon baby. Like who says that? Anyways when I was Jr. High I took a a personality test that determined what kind of job I would want. (Cause you HAVE to know what your career is by the age of 14?) And in this test, I got either a nurse and a teacher. It was literally then that I decided being a nurse was exactly what I wanted to do. I know it sounds crazy, but i knew then!

Fast forward to my senior year of High School. I found out there was a CNA class that I could take during school and it would count towards my credits. I figured now would be the best time to figure out if nursing was for me! That class was incredible, and I have been a CNA for four years now and I LOVE it!

When I met Jake, wasn't planning on getting married young, so it kinda changed my plans for nursing school. I also said I wanted to wait till I graduated nursing school till we had kids. Well as we all know, I started trying to get pregnant, just 6 months after we had been married. I am glad it didn't happen as soon as we started trying but obviously we know its been a struggle since. I still was going to go to school until we had a baby and then I would take just one semester off.

Well 2 and half years later we got Ashton. I finished up the semester I was in once I got him, and I went on maternity leave so I wasn't about to be enrolled in School. I tried to go back in the Fall, but there was a confusion about my classes and what credits I needed so I ended up going the first day and then dropping out.

Now, as were trying to get pregnant again, I have decided to put school on hold. At first I was sad, but it didn't last long, because what I am doing instead is much greater. I LOVE being a mom. I literally know this is my calling and exactly what I am supposed to be doing! I am however determined to go back just as soon as I can. But for now, I will be happy and content to enjoy being a stay at home momma and raise our little boy!

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